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Dynamic assembly of TRPC1-STIM1-Orai1 ternary complex is involved in store-operated calcium influx Evidence for similarities in store-operated and calcium release-activated …
HL Ong, KT Cheng, X Liu, BC Bandyopadhyay, BC Paria, J Soboloff, ...
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TRPC1: the link between functionally distinct store-operated calcium channels
IS Ambudkar, HL Ong, X Liu, B Bandyopadhyay, KT Cheng
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Functional requirement for Orai1 in store-operated TRPC1-STIM1 channels
KT Cheng, X Liu, HL Ong, IS Ambudkar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (19), 12935-12940, 2008
Local Ca 2+ entry via Orai1 regulates plasma membrane recruitment of TRPC1 and controls cytosolic Ca 2+ signals required for specific cell functions
KT Cheng, X Liu, HL Ong, W Swaim, IS Ambudkar
PLoS Biol 9 (3), e1001025, 2011
Attenuation of store-operated Ca2+ current impairs salivary gland fluid secretion in TRPC1 (−/−) mice
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Contribution and regulation of TRPC channels in store-operated Ca2+ entry
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Learning spectral descriptors for deformable shape correspondence
R Litman, AM Bronstein
IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 36 (1), 171-180, 2013
TRPV4 mediates tumor-derived endothelial cell migration via arachidonic acid-activated actin remodeling
AF Pla, HL Ong, KT Cheng, A Brossa, B Bussolati, T Lockwich, B Paria, ...
Oncogene 31 (2), 200-212, 2012
Caspase-11–mediated endothelial pyroptosis underlies endotoxemia-induced lung injury
KT Cheng, S Xiong, Z Ye, Z Hong, A Di, KM Tsang, X Gao, S An, M Mittal, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 127 (11), 4124-4135, 2017
Polarized but differential localization and recruitment of STIM1, Orai1 and TRPC channels in secretory cells
JH Hong, Q Li, MS Kim, DM Shin, S Feske, L Birnbaumer, KT Cheng, ...
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Contribution of TRPC1 and Orai1 to Ca2+ Entry Activated by Store Depletion
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Heteromeric TRPV4-C1 channels contribute to store-operated Ca2+ entry in vascular endothelial cells
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STIM2 enhances receptor-stimulated Ca2+ signaling by promoting recruitment of STIM1 to the endoplasmic reticulum–plasma membrane junctions
HL Ong, LB de Souza, C Zheng, KT Cheng, X Liu, CM Goldsmith, S Feske, ...
Science signaling 8 (359), ra3-ra3, 2015
STIM1 and STIM2 protein deficiency in T lymphocytes underlies development of the exocrine gland autoimmune disease, Sjögren's syndrome
KT Cheng, I Alevizos, X Liu, WD Swaim, H Yin, S Feske, M Oh-hora, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (36), 14544-14549, 2012
Mechanism of non-capacitative Ca2+ influx in response to bradykinin in vascular endothelial cells
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Impairment of TRPC1–STIM1 channel assembly and AQP5 translocation compromise agonist-stimulated fluid secretion in mice lacking caveolin1
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Differential effector engagement by oncogenic KRAS
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Cell reports 22 (7), 1889-1902, 2018
Epinephrine-induced Ca2+ influx in vascular endothelial cells is mediated by CNGA2 channels
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Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 45 (3), 437-445, 2008
Expression of olfactory-type cyclic nucleotide-gated channel (CNGA2) in vascular tissues
KT Cheng, FL Chan, Y Huang, WY Chan, X Yao
Histochemistry and cell biology 120 (6), 475-481, 2003
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