David Thomas Hanson
David Thomas Hanson
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Tobacco aquaporin NtAQP1 is involved in mesophyll conductance to CO2in vivo
J Flexas, M Ribas‐Carbó, DT Hanson, J Bota, B Otto, J Cifre, N McDowell, ...
The Plant Journal 48 (3), 427-439, 2006
Evolution and diversity of CO2 concentrating mechanisms in cyanobacteria
MR Badger, D Hanson, GD Price
Functional Plant Biology 29 (3), 161-173, 2002
Function of Nicotiana tabacum Aquaporins as Chloroplast Gas Pores Challenges the Concept of Membrane CO2 Permeability
N Uehlein, B Otto, DT Hanson, M Fischer, N McDowell, R Kaldenhoff
The Plant Cell 20 (3), 648-657, 2008
The Arabidopsis thaliana aquaporin AtPIP1;2 is a physiologically relevant CO2 transport facilitator
M Heckwolf, D Pater, DT Hanson, R Kaldenhoff
The Plant Journal 67 (5), 795-804, 2011
A new measurement technique reveals rapid post‐illumination changes in the carbon isotope composition of leaf‐respired CO2
MM Barbour, NG McDowell, G Tcherkez, CP Bickford, DT Hanson
Plant, Cell & Environment 30 (4), 469-482, 2007
Evolutionary significance of isopreneemission from mosses
DT Hanson, S Swanson, LE Graham, TD Sharkey
American Journal of Botany 86 (5), 634-639, 1999
Do bryophyte shoot systems function like vascular plant leaves or canopies? Functional trait relationships in Sphagnum mosses (Sphagnaceae)
SK Rice, L Aclander, DT Hanson
American Journal of Botany 95 (11), 1366-1374, 2008
The physiological basis for genetic variation in water use efficiency and carbon isotope composition in Arabidopsis thaliana
HM Easlon, KS Nemali, JH Richards, DT Hanson, TE Juenger, JK McKay
Photosynthesis research 119, 119-129, 2014
The Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cia3 Mutant Lacking a Thylakoid Lumen-Localized Carbonic Anhydrase Is Limited by CO2 Supply to Rubisco and Not …
DT Hanson, LA Franklin, G Samuelsson, MR Badger
Plant Physiology 132 (4), 2267-2275, 2003
The rapid A–Ci response: photosynthesis in the phenomic era
JR Stinziano, PB Morgan, DJ Lynch, AJ Saathoff, DK McDermitt, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 40 (8), 1256-1262, 2017
Evolution of photorespiration from cyanobacteria to land plants, considering protein phylogenies and acquisition of carbon concentrating mechanisms
M Hagemann, R Kern, VG Maurino, DT Hanson, APM Weber, RF Sage, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (10), 2963-2976, 2016
Engineering photorespiration: current state and future possibilities
C Peterhansel, K Krause, HP Braun, GS Espie, AR Fernie, DT Hanson, ...
Plant Biology 15 (4), 754-758, 2013
Rate of acclimation of the capacity for isoprene emission in response to light and temperature
DT Hanson, TD Sharkey
Plant, Cell & Environment 24 (9), 937-946, 2001
Promoter strength and tissue specificity effects on growth of tomato plants transformed with maize sucrose-phosphate synthase
MM Laporte, JA Galagan, AL Prasch, PJ Vanderveer, DT Hanson, ...
Planta 212, 817-822, 2001
Photosynthetic responses of soybean (Glycine max L.) to heat‐induced electrical signalling are predominantly governed by modifications of mesophyll conductance for CO …
A Galle, S Lautner, J Flexas, M RIBAS‐CARBO, D Hanson, J Roesgen, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 36 (3), 542-552, 2013
Unsaturation of vapour pressure inside leaves of two conifer species
LA Cernusak, N Ubierna, MW Jenkins, SR Garrity, T Rahn, HH Powers, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 7667, 2018
Simulating pH effects in an algal‐growth hydrodynamics model1
SC James, V Janardhanam, DT Hanson
Journal of Phycology 49 (3), 608-615, 2013
Effect of growth conditions on isoprene emission and other thermotolerance‐enhancing compounds
DT Hanson, TD Sharkey
Plant, Cell & Environment 24 (9), 929-936, 2001
Perspectives on plant photorespiratory metabolism
AR Fernie, H Bauwe, M Eisenhut, A Florian, DT Hanson, M Hagemann, ...
Plant Biology 15 (4), 748-753, 2013
Structural, physiological, and stable carbon isotopic evidence that the enigmatic Paleozoic fossil Prototaxites formed from rolled liverwort mats
LE Graham, ME Cook, DT Hanson, KB Pigg, JM Graham
American Journal of Botany 97 (2), 268-275, 2010
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