Petra Quillfeldt
Petra Quillfeldt
Professor for Behavioral Ecology and Ecophysiology
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Diet and foraging areas of Southern Ocean seabirds and their prey inferred from stable isotopes: review and case study of Wilson’s storm-petrel
P Quillfeldt, RAR McGill, RW Furness
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JF Masello, R Mundry, M Poisbleau, L Demongin, CC Voigt, M Wikelski, ...
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House mouse colonization patterns on the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Archipelago suggest singular primary invasions and resilience against re-invasion
EA Hardouin, JL Chapuis, MI Stevens, JB Van Vuuren, P Quillfeldt, ...
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Current threats faced by Neotropical parrot populations
I Berkunsky, P Quillfeldt, DJ Brightsmith, MC Abbud, J Aguilar, ...
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Are haematological parameters related to body condition, ornamentation and breeding success in wild burrowing parrots Cyanoliseus patagonus?
JF Masello, P Quillfeldt
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Begging and provisioning of thin-billed prions, Pachyptila belcheri, are related to testosterone and corticosterone
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Differences in stable isotopes in blood and feathers of seabirds are consistent across species, age and latitude: implications for food web studies
P Quillfeldt, L Bugoni, RAR McGill, JF Masello, RW Furness
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Body size, body condition and ornamental feathers of Burrowing Parrots: variation between years and sexes, assortative mating and influences on breeding success
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Year‐round distribution suggests spatial segregation of two small petrel species in the South Atlantic
P Quillfeldt, JF Masello, J Navarro, RA Phillips
Journal of Biogeography 40 (3), 430-441, 2013
Sea surface temperatures and behavioural buffering capacity in thin‐billed prions Pachyptila belcheri: breeding success, provisioning and chick begging
P Quillfeldt, I J. Strange, J F. Masello
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Stable isotope analysis reveals sexual and environmental variability and individual consistency in foraging of thin-billed prions
P Quillfeldt, RAR McGill, JF Masello, F Weiss, IJ Strange, P Brickle, ...
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Prevalence of blood parasites in seabirds-a review
P Quillfeldt, E Arriero, J Martínez, JF Masello, S Merino
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Aspects of the breeding biology of the southern rockhopper penguin Eudyptes c. chrysocome and new consideration on the intrinsic capacity of the A-egg
M Poisbleau, L Demongin, IJ Strange, H Otley, P Quillfeldt
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Introduced mammals coexist with seabirds at New Island, Falkland Islands: abundance, habitat preferences, and stable isotope analysis of diet
P Quillfeldt, I Schenk, RAR McGill, IJ Strange, JF Masello, A Gladbach, ...
Polar Biology 31 (3), 333-349, 2008
Combination of at-sea activity, geolocation and feather stable isotopes documents where and when seabirds molt
Y Cherel, P Quillfeldt, K Delord, H Weimerskirch
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 4, 3, 2016
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