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Bioinspired polydopamine (PDA) chemistry meets ordered mesoporous carbons (OMCs): a benign surface modification strategy for versatile functionalization
Y Song, G Ye, F Wu, Z Wang, S Liu, M Kopec, Z Wang, J Chen, J Wang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (14), 5013-5021, 2016
Facile aqueous route to nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbons
J Zhang, Y Song, M Kopeć, J Lee, Z Wang, S Liu, J Yan, R Yuan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (37), 12931-12934, 2017
In-situ platinum deposition on nitrogen-doped carbon films as a source of catalytic activity in a hydrogen evolution reaction
E Gottlieb, M Kopeć, M Banerjee, J Mohin, D Yaron, K Matyjaszewski, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (33), 21531-21538, 2016
Polyacrylonitrile-derived nanostructured carbon materials
M Kopeć, M Lamson, R Yuan, C Tang, M Kruk, M Zhong, K Matyjaszewski, ...
Progress in Polymer Science 92, 89-134, 2019
Polyacrylonitrile-b-poly(butyl acrylate) Block Copolymers as Precursors to Mesoporous Nitrogen-Doped Carbons: Synthesis and Nanostructure
M Kopeć, R Yuan, E Gottlieb, CMR Abreu, Y Song, Z Wang, JFJ Coelho, ...
Macromolecules 50 (7), 2759-2767, 2017
Synthesis of well‐defined polyacrylonitrile by ICAR ATRP with low concentrations of catalyst
M Lamson, M Kopeć, H Ding, M Zhong, K Matyjaszewski
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 54 (13), 1961-1968, 2016
Aqueous RAFT polymerization of acrylonitrile
M Kopeć, P Krys, R Yuan, K Matyjaszewski
Macromolecules 49 (16), 5877-5883, 2016
Controlled preparation of well-defined mesoporous carbon/polymer hybrids via surface-initiated ICAR ATRP with a high dilution strategy assisted by facile polydopamine chemistry
Y Song, G Ye, Z Wang, M Kopeć, G Xie, R Yuan, J Chen, T Kowalewski, ...
Macromolecules 49 (23), 8943-8950, 2016
Mesoporous nitrogen-doped carbons from PAN-based molecular bottlebrushes
R Yuan, M Kopeć, G Xie, E Gottlieb, JW Mohin, Z Wang, M Lamson, ...
Polymer 126, 352-359, 2017
Organosilica with grafted polyacrylonitrile brushes for high surface area nitrogen-enriched nanoporous carbons
J Zhang, Y Song, Y Zhao, S Zhao, J Yan, J Lee, Z Wang, S Liu, R Yuan, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (7), 2208-2212, 2018
Copolymer-templated synthesis of nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbons for enhanced adsorption of hexavalent chromium and uranium
Y Song, G Wei, M Kopeć, L Rao, Z Zhang, E Gottlieb, Z Wang, R Yuan, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (6), 2536-2543, 2018
Well-Defined N/S Co-Doped Nanocarbons from Sulfurized PAN-b-PBA Block Copolymers: Structure and Supercapacitor Performance
R Yuan, H Wang, M Sun, K Damodaran, E Gottlieb, M Kopeć, K Eckhart, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (4), 2467-2474, 2019
Surface-initiated ATRP from polydopamine-modified TiO2 nanoparticles
M Kopeć, J Spanjers, E Scavo, D Ernens, J Duvigneau, GJ Vancso
European polymer journal 106, 291-296, 2018
Ordered photo-and electroactive thin polymer layers
K Wolski, M Szuwarzyński, M Kopeć, S Zapotoczny
European Polymer Journal 65, 155-170, 2015
Modification of silica nanoparticles with miktoarm polymer brushes via ATRP
A Khabibullin, M Kopeć, K Matyjaszewski
Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 26 (6), 1292-1300, 2016
Enhancement of the growth of polymer brushes via ATRP initiated from ions-releasing indium tin oxide substrates
A Gruszkiewicz, M Słowikowska, G Grześ, A Wójcik, J Rokita, A Fiocco, ...
European Polymer Journal 112, 817-821, 2019
Stratified Micellar Multilayers Toward Nanostructured Photoreactors
M Kopeć, A Rozpedzik, Ł Łapok, T Geue, A Laschewsky, S Zapotoczny
Chemistry of Materials 28 (7), 2219-2228, 2016
Photoinduced electron transfer in multilayer films composed of conjugated polyelectrolyte and amphiphilic copolymer hosting electron acceptor molecules
M Kopeć, T Kruk, S Zapotoczny, A Laschewsky, S Holdcroft, M Mac, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (1), 140-145, 2012
Chain End‐Functionalized Polymer Brushes with Switchable Fluorescence Response
S Tas, M Kopec, R van der Pol, M Cirelli, I de Vries, DA Bölükbas, ...
Macromolecular chemistry and physics 220 (5), 1800537, 2019
Photoinduced energy and electron transfer in micellar multilayer films
M Kopeć, W Niemiec, A Laschewsky, M Nowakowska, S Zapotoczny
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (4), 2215-2221, 2014
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