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Manish K. Tiwari
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Mechanism of supercooled droplet freezing on surfaces
S Jung, MK Tiwari, NV Doan, D Poulikakos
Nature Communications 3, 615, 2012
On the nanoengineering of superhydrophobic and impalement resistant surface textures below the freezing temperature
T Maitra, MK Tiwari, C Antonini, P Schoch, S Jung, P Eberle, D Poulikakos
Nano letters 14 (1), 172-182, 2013
All-organic superhydrophobic coatings with mechanochemical robustness and liquid impalement resistance
C Peng, Z Chen, MK Tiwari
Nature Materials 17 (4), 355, 2018
Rational nanostructuring of surfaces for extraordinary icephobicity
P Eberle, MK Tiwari, T Maitra, D Poulikakos
Nanoscale 6 (9), 4874-4881, 2014
Aquasar: A hot water cooled data center with direct energy reuse
S Zimmermann, I Meijer, MK Tiwari, S Paredes, B Michel, D Poulikakos
Energy 43 (1), 237-245, 2012
Flow Condensation on Copper-Based Nanotextured Superhydrophobic Surfaces
D Torresin, MK Tiwari, D Del Col, D Poulikakos
Langmuir 29 (2), 840-848, 2013
Frost halos from supercooled water droplets
S Jung, MK Tiwari, D Poulikakos
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (40), 16073-16078, 2012
Supercooled Water Drops Impacting Superhydrophobic Textures
T Maitra, C Antonini, MK Tiwari, A Mularczyk, Z Imeri, P Schoch, ...
Langmuir 30 (36), 10855-10861, 2014
Superhydrophobic and conductive carbon nanofiber/PTFE composite coatings for EMI shielding
A Das, HT Hayvaci, MK Tiwari, IS Bayer, D Erricolo, CM Megaridis
Journal of colloid and interface science 353 (1), 311-315, 2011
Energy efficient hotspot-targeted embedded liquid cooling of electronics
CS Sharma, MK Tiwari, S Zimmermann, T Brunschwiler, G Schlottig, ...
Applied Energy 138, 414-422, 2015
Highly liquid-repellent, large-area, nanostructured poly (vinylidene fluoride)/poly (ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate) composite coatings: Particle filler effects
MK Tiwari, IS Bayer, GM Jursich, TM Schutzius, CM Megaridis
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (4), 1114-1119, 2010
Multifunctional superhydrophobic polymer/carbon nanocomposites: graphene, carbon nanotubes, or carbon black?
A Asthana, T Maitra, R Büchel, MK Tiwari, D Poulikakos
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (11), 8859-8867, 2014
Table salt as a template to prepare reusable porous PVDF–MWCNT foam for separation of immiscible oils/organic solvents and corrosive aqueous solutions
F Chen, Y Lu, X Liu, J Song, G He, MK Tiwari, CJ Carmalt, IP Parkin
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (41), 2017
3D integrated water cooling of a composite multilayer stack of chips
F Alfieri, MK Tiwari, I Zinovik, D Poulikakos, T Brunschwiler, B Michel
Journal of Heat Transfer 132 (12), 121402, 2010
A novel method of energy efficient hotspot-targeted embedded liquid cooling for electronics: An experimental study
CS Sharma, G Schlottig, T Brunschwiler, MK Tiwari, B Michel, ...
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 88, 684-694, 2015
Biocompatible poly (vinylidene fluoride)/cyanoacrylate composite coatings with tunable hydrophobicity and bonding strength
IS Bayer, MK Tiwari, CM Megaridis
Applied Physics Letters 93 (17), 173902, 2008
Hierarchically nanotextured surfaces maintaining superhydrophobicity under severely adverse conditions
T Maitra, C Antonini, MA der Mauer, C Stamatopoulos, MK Tiwari, ...
Nanoscale 6 (15), 8710-8719, 2014
Thermofluidics and energetics of a manifold microchannel heat sink for electronics with recovered hot water as working fluid
CS Sharma, MK Tiwari, B Michel, D Poulikakos
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 58 (1-2), 135-151, 2013
Microvortex-enhanced heat transfer in 3D-integrated liquid cooling of electronic chip stacks
A Renfer, MK Tiwari, R Tiwari, F Alfieri, T Brunschwiler, B Michel, ...
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 65, 33-43, 2013
Hot water cooled electronics: Exergy analysis and waste heat reuse feasibility
S Zimmermann, MK Tiwari, I Meijer, S Paredes, B Michel, D Poulikakos
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55 (23-24), 6391-6399, 2012
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