Bing Zhang
Bing Zhang
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Physical processes shaping gamma-ray burst X-ray afterglow light curves: theoretical implications from the Swift X-ray telescope observations
B Zhang, YZ Fan, J Dyks, S Kobayashi, P Mészáros, DN Burrows, ...
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The physics of gamma-ray bursts & relativistic jets
P Kumar, B Zhang
Physics Reports 561, 1-109, 2015
The association of GRB 060218 with a supernova and the evolution of the shock wave
S Campana, V Mangano, AJ Blustin, P Brown, DN Burrows, G Chincarini, ...
Nature 442 (7106), 1008-1010, 2006
Gamma-ray bursts: Progress, problems & prospects
B Zhang, P Mészáros
International Journal of Modern Physics A 19 (15), 2385-2472, 2004
The internal-collision-induced magnetic reconnection and turbulence (ICMART) model of gamma-ray bursts
B Zhang, H Yan
The Astrophysical Journal 726 (2), 90, 2011
A short γ-ray burst apparently associated with an elliptical galaxy at redshift z = 0.225
N Gehrels, CL Sarazin, PT O'brien, B Zhang, L Barbier, SD Barthelmy, ...
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Broadband observations of the naked-eye γ-ray burst GRB 080319B
JL Racusin, SV Karpov, M Sokolowski, J Granot, XF Wu, V Pal’Shin, ...
Nature 455 (7210), 183-188, 2008
Bright X-ray flares in gamma-ray burst afterglows
DN Burrows, P Romano, A Falcone, S Kobayashi, B Zhang, A Moretti, ...
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Relativistic jet activity from the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole
DN Burrows, JA Kennea, G Ghisellini, V Mangano, B Zhang, KL Page, ...
Nature 476 (7361), 421-424, 2011
Gamma-ray burst afterglow with continuous energy injection: signature of a highly magnetized millisecond pulsar
B Zhang, P Mészáros
The Astrophysical Journal 552 (1), L35, 2001
The early X-ray emission from GRBs
PT O’Brien, R Willingale, J Osborne, MR Goad, KL Page, S Vaughan, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 647 (2), 1213, 2006
Gamma-ray bursts in the Swift era
B Zhang
Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics 7 (1), 1, 2007
An origin for short γ-ray bursts unassociated with current star formation
SD Barthelmy, G Chincarini, DN Burrows, N Gehrels, S Covino, A Moretti, ...
Nature 438 (7070), 994-996, 2005
The afterglows of Swift-era gamma-ray bursts. I. Comparing pre-Swift and Swift-era long/soft (type II) GRB optical afterglows
DA Kann, S Klose, B Zhang, D Malesani, E Nakar, A Pozanenko, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 720 (2), 1513, 2010
Discerning the physical origins of cosmological gamma-ray bursts based on multiple observational criteria: the cases of z= 6.7 GRB 080913, z= 8.2 GRB 090423, and some short …
B Zhang, BB Zhang, FJ Virgili, EW Liang, DA Kann, XF Wu, D Proga, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 703 (2), 1696, 2009
X-ray flares from postmerger millisecond pulsars
ZG Dai, XY Wang, XF Wu, B Zhang
Science 311 (5764), 1127-1129, 2006
Gamma-ray burst beaming: a universal configuration with a standard energy reservoir?
B Zhang, P Meszaros
The Astrophysical Journal 571 (2), 876, 2002
Gamma-ray burst early optical afterglows: implications for the initial Lorentz factor and the central engine
B Zhang, S Kobayashi, P Mészáros
The Astrophysical Journal 595 (2), 950, 2003
Jet breaks and energetics of swift gamma-ray burst X-ray afterglows
JL Racusin, EW Liang, DN Burrows, A Falcone, T Sakamoto, BB Zhang, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 698 (1), 43, 2009
Low-luminosity gamma-ray bursts as a unique population: luminosity function, local rate, and beaming factor
E Liang, B Zhang, F Virgili, ZG Dai
The Astrophysical Journal 662 (2), 1111, 2007
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