Jennifer Bufford
Jennifer Bufford
Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University
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The emerging science of linked plant–fungal invasions
IA Dickie, JL Bufford, RC Cobb, ML Desprez‐Loustau, G Grelet, PE Hulme, ...
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Woody exotic plant invasions and fire: reciprocal impacts and consequences for native ecosystems
L Mandle, JL Bufford, IB Schmidt, CC Daehler
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Import volumes and biosecurity interventions shape the arrival rate of fungal pathogens
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Taxonomic similarity, more than contact opportunity, explains novel plant–pathogen associations between native and alien taxa
JL Bufford, PE Hulme, BA Sikes, JA Cooper, PR Johnston, RP Duncan
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Defoliation by pastoralists affects savanna tree seedling dynamics by limiting the facilitative role of canopy cover
JL Bufford, OG Gaoue
Ecological Applications 25 (5), 1319-1329, 2015
Heat reduces nitric oxide production required for auxin-mediated gene expression and fate determination in tree tobacco guard cell protoplasts
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Sterility and lack of pollinator services explain reproductive failure in non‐invasive ornamental plants
JL Bufford, CC Daehler
Diversity and Distributions 20 (8), 975-985, 2014
Detection of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana in the rhizosphere of wound-stressed Zea mays plants
AC Mckinnon, T Glare, H Ridgway, A Mendoza-Mendoza, A Holyoake, ...
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Loss of functional diversity and network modularity in introduced plant-fungal symbioses
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Life history strategies
JL Bufford, CC Daehler
Encyclopedia of Introduced Invasive Species, 437-441, 2011
Forest Invasion by the African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata) in the Hawaiian Islands: Are Seedlings Shade-Tolerant?
S Larrue, C Daehler, F Vautier, JL Bufford
Pacific Science 68 (3), 345-358, 2014
Manejo del humedal Palo Verde y de las comunidades de aves asociadas a sus diferentes hábitats
JL Bufford, E Gonzalez
Ambientales 43, 7-16, 2012
Strong fitness differences impede coexistence between an alien water fern (Azolla pinnata R. Br.) and its native congener (Azolla rubra R. Br.) in New Zealand
C Ocampo-Ariza, JL Bufford, PE Hulme, PD Champion, W Godsoe
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Biotic resistance to tropical ornamental invasion
JL Bufford, MH Lurie, CC Daehler
Journal of Ecology 104 (2), 518-530, 2016
Heat suppresses activation of an auxin-responsive promoter in cultured guard cell protoplasts of tree tobacco
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Rapid Anthropocene Speciation Reveals Pull of the Recent: A Response to Thomas
PE Hulme, M Bernard-Verdier, JL Bufford, W Godsoe
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Novel interactions between alien pathogens and native plants increase plant–pathogen network connectance and decrease specialization
JL Bufford, PE Hulme, BA Sikes, JA Cooper, PR Johnston, RP Duncan
Journal of Ecology 108 (2), 750-760, 2020
Barriers to invasion: Experimental analysis of mechanisms that prevent plant invasions in Hawaii
JL Bufford
University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2013
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