Hamish McGowan
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The 23rd October 2002 dust storm in eastern Australia: characteristics and meteorological conditions
G McTainsh, Y Chan, H McGowan, J Leys, K Tews
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H McGowan, A Clark
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CA McAlpine, J Syktus, RC Deo, PJ Lawrence, HA McGowan, ...
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Provenance of long‐travelled dust determined with ultra‐trace‐element composition: a pilot study with samples from New Zealand glaciers
SK Marx, BS Kamber, HA McGowan
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Impact of historical land cover change on daily indices of climate extremes including droughts in eastern Australia
RC Deo, JI Syktus, CA McAlpine, PJ Lawrence, HA McGowan, SR Phinn
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AUSLEM (AUStralian Land Erodibility Model): A tool for identifying wind erosion hazard in Australia
NP Webb, HA McGowan, SR Phinn, GH McTainsh
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Climate variability during the Last Glacial Maximum in eastern Australia: evidence of two stadials?
L Petherick, H McGowan, P Moss
Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research …, 2008
Atmospheric pollutants in alpine peat bogs record a detailed chronology of industrial and agricultural development on the Australian continent
SK Marx, BS Kamber, HA McGowan, A Zawadzki
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Evidence of ENSO mega‐drought triggered collapse of prehistory Aboriginal society in northwest Australia
H McGowan, S Marx, P Moss, A Hammond
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (22), 2012
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Sand dune movement in the Victoria Valley, Antarctica
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HA McGowan, AP Sturman, IF Owens
Geomorphology 15 (2), 135-146, 1996
Reconstructing annual inflows to the headwater catchments of the Murray River, Australia, using the Pacific Decadal Oscillation
HA McGowan, SK Marx, J Denholm, J Soderholm, BS Kamber
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HA McGowan, LM Petherick, BS Kamber
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SK Marx, BS Kamber, HA McGowan
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 239 (3-4), 336-351, 2005
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