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Onset of superconductivity in the two-dimensional limit
DB Haviland, Y Liu, AM Goldman
Physical Review Letters 62 (18), 2180, 1989
Onset of superconductivity in ultrathin granular metal films
HM Jaeger, DB Haviland, BG Orr, AM Goldman
Physical Review B 40 (1), 182, 1989
DB Haviland, Y. Liu, and AM Goldman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 62, 2180 (1989).
DB Haviland, Y Liu
Phys. Rev. Lett. 62, 2180, 1989
Structure and magnetic properties of epitaxial spinel ferrite thin films
Y Suzuki, RB Van Dover, EM Gyorgy, JM Phillips, V Korenivski, ...
Applied physics letters 68 (5), 714-716, 1996
GHz magnetic film inductors
V Korenivski
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 215, 800-806, 2000
Length-scale dependence of the superconductor-to-insulator quantum phase transition in one dimension
E Chow, P Delsing, DB Haviland
Physical review letters 81 (1), 204, 1998
Intermodulation atomic force microscopy
D Platz, EA Tholén, D Pesen, DB Haviland
Applied Physics Letters 92 (15), 153106, 2008
Observation of the Bloch oscillations in an ultrasmall Josephson junction
LS Kuzmin, DB Haviland
Physical review letters 67 (20), 2890, 1991
Insulator-to-superconductor transition in ultrathin films
Y Liu, DB Haviland, B Nease, AM Goldman
Physical Review B 47 (10), 5931, 1993
Magnetic film inductors for radio frequency applications
V Korenivski, RB Van Dover
Journal of applied physics 82 (10), 5247-5254, 1997
Nonlinearities and parametric amplification in superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators
EA Tholén, A Ergül, EM Doherty, FM Weber, F Grégis, DB Haviland
Applied physics letters 90 (25), 253509, 2007
Cooper-pair charge solitons: The electrodynamics of localized charge in a superconductor
DB Haviland, P Delsing
Physical Review B 54 (10), R6857, 1996
Experimental evidence for the Coulomb blockade of Cooper pair tunneling and Bloch oscillations in single Josephson junctions
DB Haviland, LS Kuzmin, P Delsing, KK Likharev, T Claeson
Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 85 (3), 339-347, 1991
Coulomb blockade and incoherent tunneling of Cooper pairs in ultrasmall junctions affected by strong quantum fluctuations
LS Kuzmin, YV Nazarov, DB Haviland, P Delsing, T Claeson
Physical review letters 67 (9), 1161, 1991
Superconducting and insulating behavior in one-dimensional Josephson junction arrays
DB Haviland, K Andersson, P Ågren
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 118 (5-6), 733-749, 2000
Observation of the resonant tunneling of Cooper pairs
DB Haviland, Y Harada, P Delsing, CD Chen, T Claeson
Physical review letters 73 (11), 1541, 1994
High frequency properties of Fe–Cr–Ta–N soft magnetic films
S Jin, W Zhu, RB Van Dover, TH Tiefel, V Korenivski, LH Chen
Applied physics letters 70 (23), 3161-3163, 1997
Spin injection and relaxation in a mesoscopic superconductor
N Poli, JP Morten, M Urech, A Brataas, DB Haviland, V Korenivski
Physical review letters 100 (13), 136601, 2008
Fabrication and measurement of a Nb based superconducting single electron transistor
Y Harada, DB Haviland, P Delsing, CD Chen, T Claeson
Applied physics letters 65 (5), 636-638, 1994
Directed immobilization of protein-coated nanospheres to nanometer-scale patterns fabricated by electron beam lithography of poly (ethylene glycol) self-assembled monolayers
J Rundqvist, JH Hoh, DB Haviland
Langmuir 22 (11), 5100-5107, 2006
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