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Erwan Le Grognec
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Radical polymerization of styrene controlled by half-sandwich Mo (III)/Mo (IV) couples: all basic mechanisms are possible
E Le Grognec, J Claverie, R Poli
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (39), 9513-9524, 2001
Chemically modified cellulose filter paper for heavy metal remediation in water
M d’Halluin, J Rull-Barrull, G Bretel, C Labrugère, E Le Grognec, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (2), 1965-1973, 2017
Using aryl diazonium salts in palladium-catalyzed reactions under safer conditions
N Oger, M d’Halluin, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
Organic Process Research & Development 18 (12), 1786-1801, 2014
Biodiesel production from palm oil using sulfonated graphene catalyst
MC Nongbe, T Ekou, L Ekou, KB Yao, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
Renewable Energy 106, 135-141, 2017
Copper-catalyzed free-radical C–H arylation of pyrroles
A Honraedt, MA Raux, E Le Grognec, D Jacquemin, FX Felpin
Chemical Communications 50 (40), 5236-5238, 2014
C–H Arylation of Benzoquinone in Water through Aniline Activation: Synergistic Effect of Graphite-Supported Copper Oxide Nanoparticles
A Honraedt, F Le Callonnec, E Le Grognec, V Fernandez, FX Felpin
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (9), 4604-4609, 2013
Methodologies Limiting or Avoiding Contamination by Organotin Residues in Organic Synthesis
E Le Grognec, JM Chrétien, F Zammattio, JP Quintard
Chemical reviews 115 (18), 10207-10260, 2015
Chemically-Modified Cellulose Paper as Smart Sensor Device for Colorimetric and Optical Detection of Hydrogen Sulfate in Water
J Rull-Barrull, M d'Halluin, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
Chemical Communications, 2015
Polymer-supported organotin reagents for regioselective halogenation of aromatic amines
JM Chrétien, F Zammattio, E Le Grognec, M Paris, B Cahingt, G Montavon, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (7), 2870-2873, 2005
Handling diazonium salts in flow for organic and material chemistry
N Oger, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2 (5), 590-614, 2015
Practical and scalable synthesis of sulfonated graphene
N Oger, YF Lin, C Labrugère, E Le Grognec, F Rataboul, FX Felpin
Carbon 96, 342-350, 2016
Continuous-flow Heck–Matsuda reaction: homogeneous versus heterogeneous palladium catalysts
N Oger, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (17), 8255-8262, 2014
An autonomous self-optimizing flow reactor for the synthesis of natural product carpanone
D Cortés-Borda, E Wimmer, B Gouilleux, E Barré, N Oger, L Goulamaly, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 83 (23), 14286-14299, 2018
Graphite-supported ultra-small copper nanoparticles–Preparation, characterization and catalysis applications
M d’Halluin, T Mabit, N Fairley, V Fernandez, MB Gawande, E Le Grognec, ...
Carbon 93, 974-983, 2015
Evaluation of polymer-supported vinyltin reagents in the Stille cross-coupling reaction
JM Chrétien, A Mallinger, F Zammattio, E Le Grognec, M Paris, ...
Tetrahedron letters 48 (10), 1781-1785, 2007
Heck–Matsuda arylation of olefins through a bicatalytic approach: improved procedures and rationalization
N Oger, F Le Callonnec, D Jacquemin, E Fouquet, E Le Grognec, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 356 (5), 1065-1071, 2014
Use of polymer-supported phenyltin for the creation of aryl–aryl or aryl–heteroaryl bonds via Stille cross-coupling reactions
G Kerric, E Le Grognec, F Zammattio, M Paris, JP Quintard
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 695 (1), 103-110, 2010
Preparation of γ-siloxyallyltributylstannanes and their use in the synthesis of (±)-1-deoxy-6, 8a-di-epi-castanospermine
F Chevallier, E Le Grognec, I Beaudet, F Fliegel, M Evain, JP Quintard
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 2 (21), 3128-3133, 2004
Palladium nanoparticles supported on sulfonic acid functionalized silica as trifunctional heterogeneous catalysts for Heck and Suzuki reactions
N Oger, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
ChemCatChem 7 (14), 2085-2094, 2015
A paper-based biomimetic device for the reduction of Cu (II) to Cu (I)–application to the sensing of Cu (II)
J Rull-Barrull, M d'Halluin, E Le Grognec, FX Felpin
Chemical Communications 52 (39), 6569-6572, 2016
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