Rebecca Dore
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Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science
Open Science Collaboration
Science 349 (6251), 2015
The impact of pretend play on children's development: a review of the evidence.
AS Lillard, MD Lerner, EJ Hopkins, RA Dore, ED Smith, CM Palmquist
Psychological bulletin 139 (1), 1, 2013
Children's racial bias in perceptions of others' pain
RA Dore, KM Hoffman, AS Lillard, S Trawalter
British Journal of Developmental Psychology 32 (2), 218-231, 2014
The parent advantage in fostering children's e-book comprehension
RA Dore, B Hassinger-Das, N Brezack, TL Valladares, A Paller, L Vu, ...
Early Childhood Research Quarterly 44, 24-33, 2018
Theory of mind: A hidden factor in reading comprehension?
RA Dore, SJ Amendum, RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh-Pasek
Educational Psychology Review 30 (3), 1067-1089, 2018
A social values analysis of parental decision making
RA Dore, ER Stone, CM Buchanan
The Journal of Psychology 148 (4), 477-504, 2014
Concepts and theories, methods and reasons: Why do the children (pretend) play? Reply to Weisberg, Hirsh-Pasek, and Golinkoff (2013); Bergen (2013); and Walker and Gopnik (2013).
AS Lillard, EJ Hopkins, RA Dore, CM Palmquist, MD Lerner, ED Smith
American Psychological Association 139 (1), 49, 2013
How is theory of mind useful? Perhaps to enable social pretend play
RA Dore, ED Smith, AS Lillard
Frontiers in Psychology 6, 1559, 2015
Education in the app store: using a mobile game to support US preschoolers’ vocabulary learning
RA Dore, M Shirilla, E Hopkins, M Collins, M Scott, J Schatz, ...
Journal of Children and Media 13 (4), 452-471, 2019
Do children learn from pretense?
EJ Hopkins, RA Dore, AS Lillard
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 130, 1-18, 2015
Theory of mind and children’s engagement in fantasy worlds
RA Dore, AS Lillard
Imagination, Cognition and Personality 34 (3), 230-242, 2015
Preschoolers benefit equally from video chat, pseudo-contingent video, and live book reading: implications for storytime during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond
C Gaudreau, YA King, RA Dore, H Puttre, D Nichols, K Hirsh-Pasek, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 11, 2158, 2020
Plugging into word learning: the role of electronic toys and digital media in language development
RA Dore, JM Zosh, K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff
Cognitive development in digital contexts, 75-91, 2017
Children Adopt the Traits of Characters in a Narrative
RA Dore, ED Smith, AS Lillard
Do children prefer mentalistic descriptions?
RA Dore, AS Lillard
The Journal of genetic psychology 175 (1), 1-15, 2014
Where learning meets creativity: The promise of guided play
JM Zosh, K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff, RA Dore
Creative Contradictions in Education, 165-180, 2017
Food insecurity and depression among economically disadvantaged mothers: Does maternal efficacy matter?
AJ Koury, J Dynia, R Dore, JAR Logan, KM Purtell, E Joy, P Salsberry
Applied Psychology: Health and Well‐Being 12 (2), 432-448, 2020
Developing cognitions about race: White 5‐to 10‐year‐olds' perceptions of hardship and pain
RA Dore, KM Hoffman, AS Lillard, S Trawalter
European Journal of Social Psychology 48 (2), O121-O132, 2018
Children and screens
B Hassinger-Das, S Brennan, RA Dore, RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh-Pasek
Annual Review of Developmental Psychology 2, 69-92, 2020
Developer meets developmentalist: improving industry–research partnerships in children’s educational technology
RA Dore, M Shirilla, BN Verdine, L Zimmermann, RM Golinkoff, ...
Journal of Children and Media 12 (2), 227-235, 2018
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