Eszter Borbas
Eszter Borbas
Uppsala University, Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory
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Luminescent lanthanide complexes with analyte-triggered antenna formation
E Pershagen, J Nordholm, KE Borbas
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (24), 9832-9835, 2012
Design and synthesis of mono-and multimeric targeted radiopharmaceuticals based on novel cyclen ligands coupled to anti-MUC1 aptamers for the diagnostic imaging and targeted …
KE Borbas, CSM Ferreira, A Perkins, JI Bruce, S Missailidis
Bioconjugate chemistry 18 (4), 1205-1212, 2007
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P Mroz, YY Huang, A Szokalska, T Zhiyentayev, S Janjua, AP Nifli, ...
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Photophysics of coumarin and carbostyril-sensitized luminescent lanthanide complexes: implications for complex design in multiplex detection
D Kovacs, X Lu, LS Meszaros, M Ott, J Andres, KE Borbas
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Iridium-catalysed condensation of alcohols and amines as a method for aminosugar synthesis
I Cumpstey, S Agrawal, KE Borbas, B Martín-Matute
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Designing reactivity-based responsive lanthanide probes for multicolor detection in biological systems
E Pershagen, KE Borbas
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Bioconjugatable porphyrins bearing a compact swallowtail motif for water solubility
KE Borbas, P Mroz, MR Hamblin, JS Lindsey
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Multiplex Detection of Enzymatic Activity with Responsive Lanthanide‐Based Luminescent Probes
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Selection of aptamers with high affinity and high specificity against C595, an anti-MUC1 IgG3 monoclonal antibody, for antibody targeting
S Missailidis, D Thomaidou, KE Borbas, MR Price
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Lanthanide-based tools for the investigation of cellular environments
E Mathieu, A Sipos, E Demeyere, D Phipps, D Sakaveli, KE Borbas
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Masked imidazolyl− dipyrromethanes in the synthesis of imidazole-substituted porphyrins
J Bhaumik, Z Yao, KE Borbas, M Taniguchi, JS Lindsey
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D Kovacs, KE Borbas
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A compact water-soluble porphyrin bearing an iodoacetamido bioconjugatable site
KE Borbas, HL Kee, D Holten, JS Lindsey
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Practice of fluorous biphase chemistry: convenient synthesis of novel fluorophilic ethers via a Mitsunobu reaction
J Rábai, D Szabó, EK Borbás, I Kövesi, I Kövesdi, A Csámpai, Á Gömöry, ...
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Expanding the versatility of dipicolinate-based luminescent lanthanide complexes: a fast method for antenna testing
J Andres, KE Borbas
Inorganic chemistry 54 (17), 8174-8176, 2015
Excitation-and emission-wavelength-based multiplex spectroscopy using red-absorbing near-infrared-emitting lanthanide complexes
R Xiong, D Mara, J Liu, R Van Deun, KE Borbas
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (35), 10975-10979, 2018
Swallowtail bacteriochlorins. Lipophilic absorbers for the near-infrared
KE Borbas, JS Lindsey
Organic letters 10 (10), 1931-1934, 2008
A Versatile Long‐Wavelength‐Absorbing Scaffold for Eu‐Based Responsive Probes
C Szijjarto, E Pershagen, NO Ilchenko, KE Borbas
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (9), 3099-3109, 2013
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