Gunnar Karl Pálsson
Gunnar Karl Pálsson
Assistant Professor at Uppsala University
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Strong interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures built from single-layer chalcogenides
H Fang, C Battaglia, C Carraro, S Nemsak, B Ozdol, JS Kang, HA Bechtel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (17), 6198-6202, 2014
Observation of boron diffusion in an annealed Ta/CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junction with standing-wave hard x-ray photoemission
AA Greer, AX Gray, S Kanai, AM Kaiser, S Ueda, Y Yamashita, C Bordel, ...
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Mg/Ti multilayers: Structural and hydrogen absorption properties
A Baldi, GK Pálsson, M Gonzalez-Silveira, H Schreuders, M Slaman, ...
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Satellite Band Structure in Silicon Caused by Electron-Plasmon Coupling
J Lischner, GK Palsson, D Vigil-Fowler, S Nemsak, J Avila, MC Asensio, ...
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Depth profiling charge accumulation from a ferroelectric into a doped Mott insulator
M Marinova, JE Rault, A Gloter, S Nemsak, GK Palsson, JP Rueff, ...
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Band offsets in complex-oxide thin films and heterostructures of SrTiO3/LaNiO3 and SrTiO3/GdTiO3 by soft and hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
G Conti, AM Kaiser, AX Gray, S Nemšák, GK Pálsson, J Son, P Moetakef, ...
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Using light transmission to watch hydrogen diffuse
GK Pálsson, A Bliersbach, M Wolff, A Zamani, B Hjörvarsson
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Finite-Size Effects: Hydrogen in (001) Superlattices
X Xin, GK Pálsson, M Wolff, B Hjörvarsson
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Examination of the reliability of x-ray techniques for determining hydrogen-induced volume changes
GK Pálsson, AR Rennie, B Hjörvarsson
Physical Review B 78 (10), 104118, 2008
Long-range antiferromagnetic order in epitaxial Mn 2 GaC thin films from neutron reflectometry
AS Ingason, GK Pálsson, M Dahlqvist, J Rosen
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Energetic, spatial, and momentum character of the electronic structure at a buried interface: The two-dimensional electron gas between two metal oxides
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Energetic, spatial and momentum character of a buried interface: the two-dimensional electron gas between two metal oxides
S Nemšák, G Conti, AX Gray, GK Pálsson, C Conlon, D Eiteneer, A Keqi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.01832, 2015
Electro-responsivity of ionic liquid boundary layers in a polar solvent revealed by neutron reflectance
GA Pilkington, K Harris, E Bergendal, AB Reddy, GK Palsson, A Vorobiev, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (19), 193806, 2018
Interactions of perfluoroalkyl substances with a phospholipid bilayer studied by neutron reflectometry
S Nouhi, L Ahrens, HC Pereira, AV Hughes, M Campana, P Gutfreund, ...
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Neutron Reflectometry reveals the interaction between functionalized SPIONs and the surface of lipid bilayers
A Luchini, Y Gerelli, G Fragneto, T Nylander, GK Pálsson, MS Appavou, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 151, 76-87, 2017
Hydrogen site occupancy and strength of forces in nanosized metal hydrides
GK Pálsson, M Wälde, M Amft, Y Wu, M Ahlberg, M Wolff, A Pundt, ...
Physical Review B 85 (19), 195407, 2012
Combined light and electron scattering for exploring hydrogen in thin metallic films
J Prinz, GK Pálsson, PT Korelis, B Hjörvarsson
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Saturated ablation in metal hydrides and acceleration of protons and deuterons to keV energies with a soft-x-ray laser
J Andreasson, B Iwan, A Andrejczuk, E Abreu, M Bergh, C Caleman, ...
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Recent upgrade of the polarized neutron reflectometer Super ADAM
A Vorobiev, A Devishvilli, G Palsson, H Rundlöf, N Johansson, A Olsson, ...
Neutron News 26 (3), 25-26, 2015
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