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Polymerization-induced self-assembly (PISA) using ICAR ATRP at low catalyst concentration
G Wang, M Schmitt, Z Wang, B Lee, X Pan, L Fu, J Yan, S Li, G Xie, ...
Macromolecules 49 (22), 8605-8615, 2016
Temporal control in mechanically controlled atom transfer radical polymerization using low ppm of Cu catalyst
Z Wang, X Pan, J Yan, S Dadashi-Silab, G Xie, J Zhang, Z Wang, H Xia, ...
ACS Macro Letters 6 (5), 546-549, 2017
Molecular bottlebrushes as novel materials
G Xie, MR Martinez, M Olszewski, SS Sheiko, K Matyjaszewski
Biomacromolecules 20 (1), 27-54, 2018
Matrix-free particle brush system with bimodal molecular weight distribution prepared by SI-ATRP
J Yan, T Kristufek, M Schmitt, Z Wang, G Xie, A Dang, CM Hui, J Pietrasik, ...
Macromolecules 48 (22), 8208-8218, 2015
Heterografted molecular brushes as stabilizers for water-in-oil emulsions
G Xie, P Krys, RD Tilton, K Matyjaszewski
Macromolecules 50 (7), 2942-2950, 2017
Wear protection without surface modification using a synergistic mixture of molecular brushes and linear polymers
J Faivre, BR Shrestha, J Burdynska, G Xie, F Moldovan, T Delair, ...
ACS nano 11 (2), 1762-1769, 2017
Biomimetic bottlebrush polymer coatings for fabrication of ultralow fouling surfaces
Y Xia, V Adibnia, R Huang, F Murschel, J Faivre, G Xie, M Olszewski, ...
Angewandte chemie international edition 58 (5), 1308-1314, 2019
Bottlebrush-guided polymer crystallization resulting in supersoft and reversibly moldable physical networks
WFM Daniel, G Xie, M Vatankhah Varnoosfaderani, J Burdynska, Q Li, ...
Macromolecules 50 (5), 2103-2111, 2017
Universality of the entanglement plateau modulus of comb and bottlebrush polymer melts
H Liang, BJ Morgan, G Xie, MR Martinez, EB Zhulina, K Matyjaszewski, ...
Macromolecules 51 (23), 10028-10039, 2018
Intermolecular interactions between bottlebrush polymers boost the protection of surfaces against frictional wear
J Faivre, BR Shrestha, G Xie, M Olszewski, V Adibnia, F Moldovan, ...
Chemistry of materials 30 (12), 4140-4149, 2018
Pd-Catalyzed ring-opening cross-coupling of cyclopropenes with aryl iodides
H Zhang, B Wang, K Wang, G Xie, C Li, Y Zhang, J Wang
Chemical Communications 50 (59), 8050-8052, 2014
Unraveling the correlations between conformation, lubrication, and chemical stability of bottlebrush polymers at interfaces
J Faivre, BR Shrestha, G Xie, T Delair, L David, K Matyjaszewski, ...
Biomacromolecules 18 (12), 4002-4010, 2017
Preparation of ZnO hybrid nanoparticles by ATRP
H Ding, J Yan, Z Wang, G Xie, C Mahoney, R Ferebee, M Zhong, ...
Polymer 107, 492-502, 2016
Controlled preparation of well-defined mesoporous carbon/polymer hybrids via surface-initiated ICAR ATRP with a high dilution strategy assisted by facile polydopamine chemistry
Y Song, G Ye, Z Wang, M Kopeć, G Xie, R Yuan, J Chen, T Kowalewski, ...
Macromolecules 49 (23), 8943-8950, 2016
Preparation of titania nanoparticles with tunable anisotropy and branched structures from core–shell molecular bottlebrushes
G Xie, H Ding, WFM Daniel, Z Wang, J Pietrasik, SS Sheiko, ...
Polymer 98, 481-486, 2016
Mesoporous nitrogen-doped carbons from PAN-based molecular bottlebrushes
R Yuan, M Kopeć, G Xie, E Gottlieb, JW Mohin, Z Wang, M Lamson, ...
Polymer 126, 352-359, 2017
Zn (II)-or Rh (I)-Catalyzed Rearrangement of Silylated [1, 1′-Bi (cyclopropan)]-2′-en-1-ols
H Zhang, C Li, G Xie, B Wang, Y Zhang, J Wang
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (13), 6286-6293, 2014
Benefits of catalyzed radical termination: High-yield synthesis of polyacrylate molecular bottlebrushes without gelation
G Xie, MR Martinez, WFM Daniel, AN Keith, TG Ribelli, M Fantin, ...
Macromolecules 51 (16), 6218-6225, 2018
Synergy between zwitterionic polymers and hyaluronic acid enhances antifouling performance
Y Xia, V Adibnia, C Shan, R Huang, W Qi, Z He, G Xie, M Olszewski, ...
Langmuir 35 (48), 15535-15542, 2019
Understanding the relationship between catalytic activity and termination in photoATRP: Synthesis of linear and bottlebrush polyacrylates
MR Martinez, J Sobieski, F Lorandi, M Fantin, S Dadashi-Silab, G Xie, ...
Macromolecules 53 (1), 59-67, 2019
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