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Isolation of potent SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies and protection from disease in a small animal model
TF Rogers, F Zhao, D Huang, N Beutler, A Burns, WT He, O Limbo, ...
Science 369 (6506), 956-963, 2020
Human circulating PD-1+ CXCR3− CXCR5+ memory Tfh cells are highly functional and correlate with broadly neutralizing HIV antibody responses
M Locci, C Havenar-Daughton, E Landais, J Wu, MA Kroenke, ...
Immunity 39 (4), 758-769, 2013
Broadly neutralizing antibody responses in a large longitudinal sub-Saharan HIV primary infection cohort
E Landais, X Huang, C Havenar-Daughton, B Murrell, MA Price, ...
PLoS pathogens 12 (1), e1005369, 2016
Structural basis of a shared antibody response to SARS-CoV-2
M Yuan, H Liu, NC Wu, CCD Lee, X Zhu, F Zhao, D Huang, W Yu, Y Hua, ...
Science 369 (6507), 1119-1123, 2020
CXCL13 is a plasma biomarker of germinal center activity
C Havenar-Daughton, M Lindqvist, A Heit, JE Wu, SM Reiss, K Kendric, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (10), 2702-2707, 2016
CD4+ T-Cell Responses to Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Latent-Cycle Antigens and the Recognition of EBV-Transformed Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines
HM Long, TA Haigh, NH Gudgeon, AM Leen, CW Tsang, J Brooks, ...
Journal of virology 79 (8), 4896-4907, 2005
Early antibody lineage diversification and independent limb maturation lead to broad HIV-1 neutralization targeting the Env high-mannose patch
DT MacLeod, NM Choi, B Briney, F Garces, LS Ver, E Landais, B Murrell, ...
Immunity 44 (5), 1215-1226, 2016
An HIV-1 antibody from an elite neutralizer implicates the fusion peptide as a site of vulnerability
MJ Van Gils, TLGM Van Den Kerkhof, G Ozorowski, CA Cottrell, D Sok, ...
Nature microbiology 2 (2), 1-10, 2016
Toward a more accurate view of human B-cell repertoire by next-generation sequencing, unbiased repertoire capture and single-molecule barcoding
L He, D Sok, P Azadnia, J Hsueh, E Landais, M Simek, WC Koff, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-12, 2014
Direct killing of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)–infected B cells by CD4 T cells directed against the EBV lytic protein BHRF1
E Landais, X Saulquin, E Scotet, L Trautmann, MA Peyrat, JL Yates, ...
Blood 103 (4), 1408-1416, 2004
HIV envelope glycoform heterogeneity and localized diversity govern the initiation and maturation of a V2 apex broadly neutralizing antibody lineage
E Landais, B Murrell, B Briney, S Murrell, K Rantalainen, ZT Berndsen, ...
Immunity 47 (5), 990-1003. e9, 2017
New design of MHC class II tetramers to accommodate fundamental principles of antigen presentation
E Landais, PA Romagnoli, AL Corper, J Shires, JD Altman, IA Wilson, ...
The Journal of Immunology 183 (12), 7949-7957, 2009
The human T cell immune response to Epstein-Barr virus
E Landais, X Saulquin, E Houssaint
International Journal of Developmental Biology 49 (2-3), 285-292, 2003
A generalized HIV vaccine design strategy for priming of broadly neutralizing antibody responses
JM Steichen, YC Lin, C Havenar-Daughton, S Pecetta, G Ozorowski, ...
Science 366 (6470), 2019
The human naive B cell repertoire contains distinct subclasses for a germline-targeting HIV-1 vaccine immunogen
C Havenar-Daughton, A Sarkar, DW Kulp, L Toy, X Hu, I Deresa, ...
Science translational medicine 10 (448), 2018
Scavenger receptors target glycolipids for natural killer T cell activation
S Freigang, E Landais, V Zadorozhny, L Kain, K Yoshida, Y Liu, S Deng, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 122 (11), 3943-3954, 2012
Development of broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1 infected elite neutralizers
E Landais, PL Moore
Retrovirology 15 (1), 1-14, 2018
Co-evolution of HIV envelope and apex-targeting neutralizing antibody lineage provides benchmarks for vaccine design
K Rantalainen, ZT Berndsen, S Murrell, L Cao, O Omorodion, JL Torres, ...
Cell reports 23 (11), 3249-3261, 2018
EBV-specific CD4+ T cell clones exhibit vigorous allogeneic responses
E Landais, A Morice, HM Long, TA Haigh, B Charreau, M Bonneville, ...
The Journal of Immunology 177 (3), 1427-1433, 2006
Profiling human antibody responses by integrated single-cell analysis
AO Ogunniyi, BA Thomas, TJ Politano, N Varadarajan, E Landais, ...
Vaccine 32 (24), 2866-2873, 2014
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