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Experience during development triggers between‐individual variation in behavioural plasticity
TJ Urszán, LZ Garamszegi, G Nagy, A Hettyey, J Török, G Herczeg
Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (5), 1264-1273, 2018
Effects of breeding habitat (woodland versus urban) and metal pollution on the egg characteristics of great tits (Parus major)
R Hargitai, G Nagy, Z Nyiri, L Bervoets, Z Eke, M Eens, J Török
Science of the Total Environment 544, 31-38, 2016
Darker eggshell spotting indicates lower yolk antioxidant level and poorer female quality in the Eurasian Great Tit (Parus major)
R Hargitai, G Nagy, M Herényi, Z Nyiri, M Laczi, G Hegyi, Z Eke, J Török
The Auk: Ornithological Advances 133 (2), 131-146, 2016
Short-and long-term repeatability and pseudo-repeatability of bird song: sensitivity of signals to varying environments
S Zsebők, G Herczeg, G Blázi, M Laczi, G Nagy, E Szász, G Markó, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71, 1-13, 2017
Brain size predicts behavioural plasticity in guppies (Poecilia reticulata): An experiment
G Herczeg, TJ Urszán, S Orf, G Nagy, A Kotrschal, N Kolm
Journal of evolutionary biology 32 (3), 218-226, 2019
Effects of experimental calcium availability, egg parameters and laying order on Great Tit Parus major eggshell pigmentation patterns
R Hargitai, G Nagy, M Herényi, J Török
Ibis 155 (3), 561-570, 2013
Effects of environmental conditions on the egg mass, yolk antioxidant level, eggshell thickness and eggshell spotting patterns of Great Tits (Parus major)
R Hargitai, M Herényi, G Nagy, Z Nyiri, Z Eke, J Török
Journal of Ornithology 157, 995-1006, 2016
Stable correlation structure among multiple plumage colour traits: can they work as a single signal?
G Hegyi, M Laczi, G Nagy, E Szász, D Kötél, J Török
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114 (1), 92-108, 2015
Integrated plumage colour variation in relation to body condition, reproductive investment and laying date in the collared flycatcher
M Laczi, G Hegyi, M Herényi, D Kiss, G Markó, G Nagy, B Rosivall, ...
Naturwissenschaften 100, 983-991, 2013
The cranial morphometrics of the wildfowl (Anatidae)
T Pecsics, M Laczi, G Nagy, T Csörgő
Ornis Hungarica 25 (1), 44-57, 2017
Reduced compensatory growth capacity in mistimed broods of a migratory passerine
G Hegyi, G Nagy, J Török
Oecologia 172, 279-291, 2013
Side-specific effect of yolk testosterone elevation on second-to-fourth digit ratio in a wild passerine
G Nagy, G Blázi, G Hegyi, J Török
The Science of Nature 103, 1-7, 2016
Minimum spanning tree as a new, robust repertoire size comparison method: simulation and test on birdsong
S Zsebők, G Herczeg, G Blázi, M Laczi, G Nagy, J Török, LZ Garamszegi
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72, 1-12, 2018
“Ficedula”: an open-source MATLAB toolbox for cutting, segmenting and computer-aided clustering of bird song
S Zsebők, G Blázi, M Laczi, G Nagy, É Vaskuti, LZ Garamszegi
Journal of Ornithology 159, 1105-1111, 2018
MHC‐mediated sexual selection on birdsong: Generic polymorphism, particular alleles and acoustic signals
LZ Garamszegi, M Zagalska‐Neubauer, D Canal, G Blázi, M Laczi, ...
Molecular ecology 27 (11), 2620-2633, 2018
Eggshell spotting pattern is related to hatching asynchrony, hematocrit value and growth of nestling great tits Parus major
R Hargitai, M Herényi, G Nagy, J Török
Journal of avian biology 49 (11), e01827, 2018
Analysis of skull morphometric characters in Owls (Strigiformes)
T Pecsics, M Laczi, G Nagy, T KoNdor, T Csörgő
Ornis Hungarica 26 (1), 41-53, 2018
Winter body condition in the Collared Flycatcher: Determinants and carryover effects on future breeding parameters
R Hargitai, G Hegyi, M Herényi, M Laczi, G Nagy, B Rosivall, E Szöllősi, ...
The Auk: Ornithological Advances 131 (3), 257-264, 2014
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