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Andreas Barth
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Infrared spectroscopy of proteins
A Barth
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1767 (9), 1073-1101, 2007
What vibrations tell us about proteins
A Barth, C Zscherp
Quarterly reviews of biophysics 35 (4), 369-430, 2002
The infrared absorption of amino acid side chains
A Barth
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 74 (3-5), 141-173, 2000
Photorelease of carboxylic acids from 1-acyl-7-nitroindolines in aqueous solution: rapid and efficient photorelease of L-glutamate
G Papageorgiou, DC Ogden, A Barth, JET Corrie
Journal of the American Chemical Society 121 (27), 6503-6504, 1999
Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of intermediates and products from photolysis of 1-(2-nitrophenyl) ethyl phosphates: reaction of the 2-nitrosoacetophenone byproduct with thiols
A Barth, JET Corrie, MJ Gradwell, Y Maeda, W Mäntele, T Meier, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 119 (18), 4149-4159, 1997
Reaction-induced infrared difference spectroscopy for the study of protein reaction mechanisms
C Zscherp, A Barth
Biochemistry 40 (7), 1875-1883, 2001
Photolytic cleavage of 1-(2-nitrophenyl) ethyl ethers involves two parallel pathways and product release is rate-limited by decomposition of a common hemiacetal intermediate
JET Corrie, A Barth, VRN Munasinghe, DR Trentham, MC Hutter
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (28), 8546-8554, 2003
Abundance and composition of near surface microplastics and plastic debris in the Stockholm Archipelago, Baltic Sea
B Gewert, M Ogonowski, A Barth, M MacLeod
Marine pollution bulletin 120 (1-2), 292-302, 2017
Photochemical release of ATP from" caged ATP" studied by time-resolved infrared spectroscopy
A Barth, K Hauser, W Maentele, JET Corrie, DR Trentham
Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (41), 10311-10316, 1995
Infrared spectroscopic signals arising from ligand binding and conformational changes in the catalytic cycle of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase
A Barth, W Mäntele, W Kreutz
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1057 (1), 115-123, 1991
Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of the Ca2+-ATPase The enzyme at work
A Barth, F von Germar, W Kreutz, W Mäntele
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (48), 30637-30646, 1996
Biological and biomedical infrared spectroscopy
A Barth, PI Haris
IOS press, 2009
Characterization of a new caged proton capable of inducing large pH jumps
A Barth, JET Corrie
Biophysical journal 83 (5), 2864-2871, 2002
ATP-induced phosphorylation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca 2+ ATPase: molecular interpretation of infrared difference spectra
A Barth, W Mäntele
Biophysical journal 75 (1), 538-544, 1998
Molecular changes in the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase during catalytic activity: a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) study using photolysis of caged ATP to trigger the …
A Barth, W Kreutz, W Mäntele
FEBS letters 277 (1-2), 147-150, 1990
Substrate binding and enzyme function investigated by infrared spectroscopy
A Barth, C Zscherp
FEBS letters 477 (3), 151-156, 2000
Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of pH-induced aggregation of the Alzheimer Aβ 1–28 peptide
A Perálvarez-Marín, A Barth, A Gräslund
Journal of molecular biology 379 (3), 589-596, 2008
Infrared measuring device, especially for the spectrometry of aqueous systems, preferably multiple component systems
W Mäntele, O Klein, C Zscherp, A Barth, H Von Lillienfeld-Toal, ...
US Patent 7,812,312, 2010
Simultaneous Fitting of Absorption Spectra and Their Second Derivatives for an Improved Analysis of Protein Infrared Spectra
M Baldassarre, C Li, N Eremina, E Goormaghtigh, A Barth
Molecules 20 (7), 12599-12622, 2015
Specificity and symmetry in the interaction of calmodulin domains with the skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase target sequence
A Barth, SR Martin, PM Bayley
Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (4), 2174-2183, 1998
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