Albert B. Kao
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Visual sensory networks and effective information transfer in animal groups
A Strandburg-Peshkin, CR Twomey, NWF Bode, AB Kao, Y Katz, ...
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Decision accuracy in complex environments is often maximized by small group sizes
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Modular structure within groups causes information loss but can improve decision accuracy
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Stewardship of global collective behavior
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Alternating spatial patterns for coordinated group motion
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MAPLE (modular automated platform for large-scale experiments), a robot for integrated organism-handling and phenotyping
T Alisch, JD Crall, AB Kao, D Zucker, BL de Bivort
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Fisheries-induced selection against schooling behaviour in marine fishes
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Individual error correction drives responsive self-assembly of army ant scaffolds
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Changes in group size during resource shifts reveal drivers of sociality across the tree of life
AB Kao, AK Hund, FP Santos, JG Young, D Bhat, J Garland, RA Oomen, ...
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Automated tracking reveals the importance of individual variation for division of labor in primitively eusocial bumblebees (Bombus impatiens)
JD Crall, N Gravish, AM Mountcastle, SD Kocher, R Oppenheimer, ...
Integrative and Comparative Biology 56, E45-E45, 2016
Collective wisdom in animal groups
AB Kao
Princeton University, 2015
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