Lawrence Amy
Lawrence Amy
Associate Professor of Petroleum Geoscience, University College Dublin
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Onset of submarine debris flow deposition far from original giant landslide
PJ Talling, RB Wynn, DG Masson, M Frenz, BT Cronin, R Schiebel, ...
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Submarine pyroclastic deposits formed at the Soufrière Hills volcano, Montserrat (1995–2003): What happens when pyroclastic flows enter the ocean?
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et al. Deep Water Reservoirs of the World. Gulf Coast Section SEPM …, 2000
Planform geometry, stacking pattern, and extrabasinal origin of low strength and intermediate strength cohesive debris flow deposits in the Marnoso-arenacea Formation, Italy
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P Haughton, D Praeg, P Shannon, G Harrington, K Higgs, L Amy, S Tyrrell, ...
Geological Society, London, Petroleum Geology Conference Series 6 (1), 1077-1094, 2005
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