Ying Zhang
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Three-dimensional structural view of the central metabolic network of Thermotoga maritima
Y Zhang, I Thiele, D Weekes, Z Li, L Jaroszewski, K Ginalski, AM Deacon, ...
Science 325 (5947), 1544-1549, 2009
Comparative genomic analysis of the class Epsilonproteobacteria and proposed reclassification to Epsilonbacteraeota (phyl. nov.)
DW Waite, I Vanwonterghem, C Rinke, DH Parks, Y Zhang, K Takai, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 682, 2017
CutDB: a proteolytic event database
Y Igarashi, A Eroshkin, S Gramatikova, K Gramatikoff, Y Zhang, JW Smith, ...
Nucleic acids research 35 (suppl_1), D546-D549, 2006
Between order and disorder in protein structures: analysis of “dual personality” fragments in proteins
Y Zhang, B Stec, A Godzik
Structure 15 (9), 1141-1147, 2007
Pan-genome analyses identify lineage-and niche-specific markers of evolution and adaptation in Epsilonproteobacteria
Y Zhang, SM Sievert
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 2014
Global distribution of conformational states derived from redundant models in the PDB points to non-uniqueness of the protein structure
PV Burra, Y Zhang, A Godzik, B Stec
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (26), 10505-10510, 2009
Structural determinants of limited proteolysis
MD Kazanov, Y Igarashi, AM Eroshkin, P Cieplak, B Ratnikov, Y Zhang, ...
Journal of proteome research 10 (8), 3642-3651, 2011
PMAP: databases for analyzing proteolytic events and pathways
Y Igarashi, E Heureux, KS Doctor, P Talwar, S Gramatikova, K Gramatikoff, ...
Nucleic acids research 37 (suppl_1), D611-D618, 2008
The FGGY carbohydrate kinase family: insights into the evolution of functional specificities
Y Zhang, O Zagnitko, I Rodionova, A Osterman, A Godzik
PLoS computational biology 7 (12), e1002318, 2011
Addendum: Comparative genomic analysis of the class Epsilonproteobacteria and proposed reclassification to Epsilonbacteraeota (phyl. nov.)
DW Waite, I Vanwonterghem, C Rinke, D Parks, Y Zhang, K Takai, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 772, 2018
From the raw bar to the bench: Bivalves as models for human health
JAF Robledo, R Yadavalli, B Allam, E Pales-Espinosa, M Gerdol, S Greco, ...
Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 2018
PSAMM: a portable system for the analysis of metabolic models
JL Steffensen, K Dufault-Thompson, Y Zhang
PLoS computational biology 12 (2), e1004732, 2016
Evolution of the natural transformation protein, ComEC, in Bacteria
ZT Pimentel, Y Zhang
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 2980, 2018
The genome sequence of the grape phylloxera provides insights into the evolution, adaptation, and invasion routes of an iconic pest
C Rispe, F Legeai, PD Nabity, R Fernández, AK Arora, P Baa-Puyoulet, ...
BMC biology 18 (1), 1-25, 2020
Variation in genome content and predatory phenotypes between Bdellovibrio sp. NC01 isolated from soil and B. bacteriovorus type strain HD100
LE Williams, N Cullen, JA DeGiorgis, KJ Martinez, J Mellone, M Oser, ...
MICROBIOLOGY 165, 1315-1330, 2019
A Simple In Vitro Gut Model for Studying the Interaction between Escherichia coli and the Intestinal Commensal Microbiota in Cecal Mucus
ME Mokszycki, M Leatham-Jensen, JL Steffensen, Y Zhang, KA Krogfelt, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 84 (24), e02166-18, 2018
A Genome-Scale Model of Shewanella piezotolerans Simulates Mechanisms of Metabolic Diversity and Energy Conservation
K Dufault-Thompson, H Jian, R Cheng, J Li, F Wang, Y Zhang
mSystems 2 (2), e00165-16, 2017
Using PSAMM for the Curation and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Models
K Dufault-Thompson, JL Steffensen, Y Zhang
Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Modeling, 131-150, 2018
Diversity and Function of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Microbiome
ZT Pimentel, K Dufault-Thompson, KT Russo, AK Scro, R Smolowitz, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
FindPrimaryPairs: An efficient algorithm for predicting element-transferring reactant/product pairs in metabolic networks
JL Steffensen, K Dufault-Thompson, Y Zhang
PloS one 13 (2), e0192891, 2018
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