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Chris Lorenz
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General purpose molecular dynamics simulations fully implemented on graphics processing units
JA Anderson, CD Lorenz, A Travesset
Journal of computational physics 227 (10), 5342-5359, 2008
Precise determination of the bond percolation thresholds and finite-size scaling corrections for the sc, fcc, and bcc lattices
CD Lorenz, RM Ziff
Physical Review E 57 (1), 230, 1998
Precise determination of the critical percolation threshold for the three-dimensional “Swiss cheese” model using a growth algorithm
CD Lorenz, RM Ziff
The Journal of Chemical Physics 114 (8), 3659-3661, 2001
Atomistic simulations of end-linked poly (dimethylsiloxane) networks: structure and relaxation
DR Heine, GS Grest, CD Lorenz, M Tsige, MJ Stevens
Macromolecules 37 (10), 3857-3864, 2004
Simulations of nanotribology with realistic probe tip models
M Chandross, CD Lorenz, MJ Stevens, GS Grest
Langmuir 24 (4), 1240-1246, 2008
Universality of the excess number of clusters and the crossing probability function in three-dimensional percolation
CD Lorenz, RM Ziff
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 31 (40), 8147, 1998
Molecular dynamics of ionic transport and electrokinetic effects in realistic silica channels
CD Lorenz, PS Crozier, JA Anderson, A Travesset
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (27), 10222-10232, 2008
Salt permeation and exclusion in hydroxylated and functionalized silica pores
K Leung, SB Rempe, CD Lorenz
Physical review letters 96 (9), 095504, 2006
The delivered dose: Applying particokinetics to in vitro investigations of nanoparticle internalization by macrophages
RA Khanbeigi, A Kumar, F Sadouki, C Lorenz, B Forbes, LA Dailey, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 162 (2), 259-266, 2012
On the hydration of the phosphocholine headgroup in aqueous solution
F Foglia, MJ Lawrence, CD Lorenz, SE McLain
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (14), 10B608, 2010
Frictional dynamics of perfluorinated self-assembled monolayers on amorphous SiO 2
CD Lorenz, EB Webb, MJ Stevens, M Chandross, GS Grest
Tribology Letters 19 (2), 93-98, 2005
Role of network connectivity on the mechanical properties of highly cross-linked polymers
M Tsige, CD Lorenz, MJ Stevens
Macromolecules 37 (22), 8466-8472, 2004
Similarity of percolation thresholds on the HCP and FCC lattices
CD Lorenz, R May, RM Ziff
Journal of Statistical Physics 98 (3), 961-970, 2000
Forces between functionalized silica nanoparticles in solution
JMD Lane, AE Ismail, M Chandross, CD Lorenz, GS Grest
Physical Review E 79 (5), 050501, 2009
On the estimation of the curvatures and bending rigidity of membrane networks via a local maximum-entropy approach
F Fraternali, CD Lorenz, G Marcelli
Journal of Computational Physics 231 (2), 528-540, 2012
Charge inversion of divalent ionic solutions in silica channels
CD Lorenz, A Travesset
Physical Review E 75 (6), 061202, 2007
Generalized Langevin equation: An efficient approach to nonequilibrium molecular dynamics of open systems
L Stella, CD Lorenz, L Kantorovich
Physical Review B 89 (13), 134303, 2014
Shape-dependent universality in percolation
RM Ziff, CD Lorenz, P Kleban
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 266 (1-4), 17-26, 1999
Antimicrobial peptide potency is facilitated by greater conformational flexibility when binding to Gram-negative bacterial inner membranes
SBTA Amos, LS Vermeer, PM Ferguson, J Kozlowska, M Davy, TT Bui, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-13, 2016
Tribological properties of alkylsilane self-assembled monolayers
CD Lorenz, M Chandross, GS Grest, MJ Stevens, EB Webb
Langmuir 21 (25), 11744-11748, 2005
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