Lluís Benejam
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Assessing effects of water abstraction on fish assemblages in Mediterranean streams
L Benejam, PL Angermeier, A Munne, E GARCÍA‐BERTHOU
Freshwater Biology 55 (3), 628-642, 2010
Response of community structure to sustained drought in Mediterranean rivers
D Boix, E García-Berthou, S Gascón, L Benejam, E Tornés, J Sala, ...
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S Brucet, S Pédron, T Mehner, TL Lauridsen, C Argillier, IJ Winfield, ...
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Ecological impacts of small hydropower plants on headwater stream fish: from individual to community effects
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Growth and diet of European catfish (Silurus glanis) in early and late invasion stages.
J Carol, L Benejam, J Benito, E García-Berthou
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Physiological responses to mercury in feral carp populations inhabiting the low Ebro River (NE Spain), a historically contaminated site
A Navarro, L Quirós, M Casado, M Faria, L Carrasco, L Benejam, J Benito, ...
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Life history and parasites of the invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) along a latitudinal gradient
L Benejam, C Alcaraz, P Sasal, G Simon-Levert, E García-Berthou
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Assessing fish metrics and biotic indices in a Mediterranean stream: effects of uncertain native status of fish
L Benejam, E Aparicio, MJ Vargas, A Vila-Gispert, E García-Berthou
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A Navarro, M Faria, C Barata, B Piña
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On the spread of the European catfish (Silurus glanis) in the Iberian Peninsula: first record in the Llobregat river basin
L Benejam, J Carol, J Benito, E García-Berthou
Limnetica 26 (1), 169-171, 2007
Effective monitoring of freshwater fish
J Radinger, JR Britton, SM Carlson, AE Magurran, JD Alcaraz‐Hernández, ...
Fish and Fisheries 20 (4), 729-747, 2019
Fish catchability and comparison of four electrofishing crews in Mediterranean streams
L Benejam, C Alcaraz, J Benito, N Caiola, F Casals, A Maceda-Veiga, ...
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Short-term effects of a partial drawdown on fish condition in a eutrophic reservoir
L Benejam, J Benito, J Ordóñez, J Armengol, E García-Berthou
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Ecological classification of a set of Mediterranean reservoirs applying the EU Water Framework Directive: A reasonable compromise between science and management
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Density-dependent effects as key drivers of intraspecific size structure of six abundant fish species in lakes across Europe
I Arranz, T Mehner, L Benejam, C Argillier, K Holmgren, E Jeppesen, ...
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73 (4), 519-534, 2015
First record of the common bream (Abramis brama) introduced to the Iberian Peninsula
L Benejam, J Carol, C Alcaraz, E García-Berthou
Limnetica 24 (3-4), 273-274, 2005
Small weirs, big effects: disruption of water temperature regimes with hydrological alteration in a Mediterranean stream
MJ Bae, R Merciai, L Benejam, S Sabater, E García‐Berthou
River Research and Applications 32 (3), 309-319, 2016
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