Berglund, Johan
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An epidemiologic study of Lyme disease in southern Sweden
J Berglund, R Eitrem, K Ornstein, A Lindberg, Å Ringnér, H Elmrud, ...
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Sequence typing reveals extensive strain diversity of the Lyme borreliosis agents Borrelia burgdorferi in North America and Borrelia afzelii in Europe
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The invincible character of management consulting rhetoric: How one blends incommensurates while keeping them apart
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Kinetics and Mechanism for Reduction of trans-Dichlorotetracyanoplatinate(IV) by Thioglycolic Acid, l-Cysteine, dl-Penicillamine, and Glutathione in Aqueous …
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Manganese-catalysed autoxidation of dissolved sulfur dioxide in the atmospheric aqueous phase
J Berglund, LI Elding
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Three‐dimensional water/fat separation and T estimation based on whole‐image optimization—Application in breathhold liver imaging at 1.5 T
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Garlic as an insect repellent
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Three major Lyme Borrelia genospecies (Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. afzelii and B. garinii) identified by PCR in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with …
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Prevalence and predictors of falls and dizziness in people younger and older than 80 years of age-A longitudinal cohort study
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Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis as a common cause of tick-associated fever in Southeast Sweden: report from a prospective clinical study
A Bjöersdorff, B Wittesjö, J Berglund, RF Massung, I Eliasson
Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases 34 (3), 187-191, 2002
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