Matthew Barrett
Matthew Barrett
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, James Cook University
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Turning the tide: The eradication of invasive species: Proceedings of the International Conference on Eradication of Island Invasives
CR Veitch, MN Clout
IUCN, 2002
Fungal Planet description sheets: 154–213
PW Crous, MJ Wingfield, J Guarro, R Cheewangkoon, M Van der Bank, ...
Persoonia: Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi 31, 188, 2013
Do mycorrhizal symbioses cause rarity in orchids?
RD Phillips, MD Barrett, KW Dixon, SD Hopper
Journal of Ecology 99 (3), 858-869, 2011
A phylogeny of the Areae (Araceae) implies that Typhonium, Sauromatum, and the Australian species of Typhonium are distinct clades
N Cusimano, MD Barrett, WLA Hetterscheid, SS Renner
Taxon 59 (2), 439-447, 2010
Eradication of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) on Airlie Island, Pilbara Coast, Western Australia
IR Dixon, KW Dixon, M Barrett
Turning the tide: eradication of invasive species. International Union for …, 2002
A 250 plastome phylogeny of the grass family (Poaceae): topological support under different data partitions
JM Saarela, SV Burke, WP Wysocki, MD Barrett, LG Clark, JM Craine, ...
PeerJ 6, e4299, 2018
Twenty-seven new species of vascular plants from Western Australia.
RL Barrett, MD Barrett
Nuytsia 26, 2015
Reconstructing the age and historical biogeography of the ancient flowering-plant family Hydatellaceae (Nymphaeales)
WJD Iles, C Lee, DD Sokoloff, MV Remizowa, SR Yadav, MD Barrett, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14 (1), 102, 2014
New candidate markers of phosphorus status in beef breeder cows
ST Anderson, LJ Kidd, MA Benvenutti, MT Fletcher, RM Dixon
Animal Production Science 57 (11), 2291-2303, 2017
Untangling a species complex of arid zone grasses (Triodia) reveals patterns congruent with co-occurring animals
BM Anderson, MD Barrett, SL Krauss, K Thiele
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 101, 142-162, 2016
Pollen morphology of the Myrtaceae. Part 3: tribes Chamelaucieae, Leptospermeae and Lindsayomyrteae
AH Thornhill, PG Wilson, J Drudge, MD Barrett, GS Hope, LA Craven, ...
Australian Journal of Botany 60 (3), 225-259, 2012
Two new species of Triodia (Poaceae: Triodieae) from the Kimberley region of Western Australia
RL Barrett, MD Barrett
Telopea 13 (1-2), 57-67, 2011
Characterisation of polymorphic microsatellite markers in the widespread Australian seagrass, Posidonia australis Hook. f.(Posidoniaceae), with cross-amplification in the …
EA Sinclair, J Anthony, GT Coupland, M Waycott, MD Barrett, RL Barrett, ...
Conservation Genetics Resources 1 (1), 273, 2009
A baker’s dozen of new wattles highlights significant Acacia (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) diversity and endemism in the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia
BR Maslin, MD Barrett, RL Barrett
Nuytsia 23, 543-587, 2013
Phylogenetic revision of Backhousieae (Myrtaceae): Neogene divergence, a revised circumscription of Backhousia and two new species
MG Harrington, BR Jackes, MD Barrett, LA Craven, RL Barrett
Australian Systematic Botany 25 (6), 404-417, 2012
Persistence and stochasticity are key determinants of genetic diversity in plants associated with banded iron formation inselbergs
M Byrne, SL Krauss, MA Millar, CP Elliott, DJ Coates, C Yates, RM Binks, ...
Biological Reviews 94 (3), 753-772, 2019
Molecular phylogeny and global diversity of the remarkable genus Bondarzewia (Basidiomycota, Russulales)
J Chen, B Cui, S He, JA Cooper, MD Barrett, J Chen, J Song, Y Dai
Mycologia 108 (4), 697-708, 2016
Genotyping-by-sequencing in a species complex of Australian hummock grasses (Triodia): methodological insights and phylogenetic resolution
BM Anderson, KR Thiele, SL Krauss, MD Barrett
PloS one 12 (1), e0171053, 2017
Characterization and cross application of novel microsatellite markers for a rare sedge, Lepidosperma gibsonii (Cyperaceae)
MD Barrett, MJ Wallace, JM Anthony
American Journal of Botany 99 (1), e14-e16, 2012
Calytrix gomphrenoides (Myrtaceae), a new species from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia
M Barrett, L Craven, R Barrett
Nuytsia 19 (1), 1-8, 2009
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