Fidel Botero-Castro
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Next-generation sequencing and phylogenetic signal of complete mitochondrial genomes for resolving the evolutionary history of leaf-nosed bats (Phyllostomidae)
F Botero-Castro, M Tilak, F Justy, F Catzeflis, F Delsuc, EJP Douzery
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 69 (3), 728-739, 2013
Deep sequencing of mixed total DNA without barcodes allows efficient assembly of highly plastic ascidian mitochondrial genomes
ND Rubinstein, T Feldstein, N Shenkar, F Botero-Castro, F Griggio, ...
Genome biology and evolution 5 (6), 1185-1199, 2013
Bat biology, genomes, and the Bat1K Project: to generate chromosome-level genomes for all living bat species
EC Teeling, SC Vernes, LM Dávalos, DA Ray, MTP Gilbert, E Myers, ...
Annual review of animal biosciences 6, 23-46, 2018
Avian genomes revisited: hidden genes uncovered and the rates versus traits paradox in birds
F Botero-Castro, E Figuet, MK Tilak, B Nabholz, N Galtier
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (12), 3123-3131, 2017
A cost-effective straightforward protocol for shotgun Illumina libraries designed to assemble complete mitogenomes from non-model species
MK Tilak, F Justy, M Debiais-Thibaud, F Botero-Castro, F Delsuc, ...
Conservation genetics resources 7 (1), 37-40, 2015
Thrice better than once: quality control guidelines to validate new mitogenomes
F Botero-Castro, F Delsuc, EJP Douzery
Mitochondrial DNA Part A 27 (1), 449-454, 2016
The value of molecular vs. morphometric and acoustic information for species identification using sympatric molossid bats
Y Gager, E Tarland, D Lieckfeldt, M Ménage, F Botero-Castro, SJ Rossiter, ...
PLoS One 11 (3), e0150780, 2016
Illumina library preparation for sequencing the GC-rich fraction of heterogeneous genomic DNA
MK Tilak, F Botero-Castro, N Galtier, B Nabholz
Genome Biology and Evolution, 2018
In cold blood: compositional bias and positive selection drive the high evolutionary rate of vampire bats mitochondrial genomes
F Botero-Castro, MK Tilak, F Justy, F Catzeflis, F Delsuc, EJP Douzery
Genome biology and evolution 10 (9), 2218-2239, 2018
Polymorphism data assist estimation of the non-synonymous over synonymous fixation rate ratio ω for closely related species
CF Mugal, VE Kutschera, F Botero-Castro, JBW Wolf, I Kaj
Molecular biology and evolution, 2019
Systématique, phylogénie et évolution moléculaires des Phyllostomidae (Mammalia, Chiroptera): une approche mitogénomique comparative
F Botero-Castro
Université Montpellier II-Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc, 2014
Caracterizaciķn de nichos trķficos con base en la morfología de las especies de una comunidad de aves de la Vega, Cundinamarca (Colombia)
FFB Castro, HAC Mosos
Acta Biolķgica Colombiana 11 (1), 159, 2006
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