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Jason Bragg
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Opportunities for improving phosphorus‐use efficiency in crop plants
EJ Veneklaas, H Lambers, J Bragg, PM Finnegan, CE Lovelock, ...
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Genomic variation across landscapes: insights and applications
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Evaluating the performance of anchored hybrid enrichment at the tips of the tree of life: a phylogenetic analysis of Australian Eugongylus group scincid lizards
MC Brandley, JG Bragg, S Singhal, DG Chapple, CK Jennings, ...
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Protein carbon content evolves in response to carbon availability and may influence the fate of duplicated genes
JG Bragg, A Wagner
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Adaptation and conservation insights from the koala genome
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Incorporating evolutionary processes into population viability models
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Distributions of lizard species across edges delimiting open‐forest and sand‐mined areas
JG Bragg, JE Taylor, BJ Fox
Austral Ecology 30 (2), 188-200, 2005
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