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A comparison of plastic and plankton in the North Pacific central gyre
CJ Moore, SL Moore, MK Leecaster, SB Weisberg
Marine pollution bulletin 42 (12), 1297-1300, 2001
An estuarine benthic index of biotic integrity (B-IBI) for Chesapeake Bay
SB Weisberg, JA Ranasinghe, DM Dauer, LC Schaffner, RJ Diaz, ...
Estuaries 20 (1), 149, 1997
Iron as a reference element for determining trace metal enrichment in Southern California coastal shelf sediments
KC Schiff, SB Weisberg
Marine Environmental Research 48 (2), 161-176, 1999
Water quality indicators and the risk of illness at beaches with nonpoint sources of fecal contamination
JM Colford Jr, TJ Wade, KC Schiff, CC Wright, JF Griffith, SK Sandhu, ...
Epidemiology 18 (1), 27-35, 2007
Relationships between benthic community condition, water quality, sediment quality, nutrient loads, and land use patterns in Chesapeake Bay
DM Dauer, JA Ranasinghe, SB Weisberg
Estuaries 23 (1), 80-96, 2000
Comparison of total coliform, fecal coliform, and enterococcus bacterial indicator response for ocean recreational water quality testing
RT Noble, DF Moore, MK Leecaster, CD McGee, SB Weisberg
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A comparison of neustonic plastic and zooplankton at different depths near the southern California shore
GL Lattin, CJ Moore, AF Zellers, SL Moore, SB Weisberg
Marine Pollution Bulletin 49 (4), 291-294, 2004
Evaluation of microbial source tracking methods using mixed fecal sources in aqueous test samples
JF Griffith, SB Weisberg, CD McGee
Journal of Water and Health 1 (4), 141-151, 2003
A comparison of neustonic plastic and zooplankton abundance in southern California’s coastal waters
CJ Moore, SL Moore, SB Weisberg, GL Lattin, AF Zellers
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A review of technologies for rapid detection of bacteria in recreational waters
RT Noble, SB Weisberg
Journal of water and health 3 (4), 381-392, 2005
Relationship between rainfall and beach bacterial concentrations on Santa Monica Bay beaches
D Ackerman, SB Weisberg
Journal of water and health 1 (2), 85-89, 2003
A sea change ahead for recreational water quality criteria
AB Boehm Jr, NJ Ashbolt, JM Colford Jr, LE Dunbar, LE Fleming, MA Gold, ...
Journal of Water and Health 7 (1), 9-20, 2008
Blooms of Pseudo-nitzschia and domoic acid in the San Pedro Channel and Los Angeles harbor areas of the Southern California Bight, 2003–2004
A Schnetzer, PE Miller, RA Schaffner, BA Stauffer, BH Jones, ...
Harmful algae 6 (3), 372-387, 2007
Performance of forty-one microbial source tracking methods: a twenty-seven lab evaluation study
AB Boehm, LC Van De Werfhorst, JF Griffith, PA Holden, JA Jay, ...
Water research 47 (18), 6812-6828, 2013
Genomics in marine monitoring: new opportunities for assessing marine health status
SJ Bourlat, A Borja, J Gilbert, MI Taylor, N Davies, SB Weisberg, JF Griffith, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 74 (1), 19-31, 2013
Composition and distribution of beach debris in Orange County, California
SL Moore, D Gregorio, M Carreon, SB Weisberg, MK Leecaster
Marine pollution bulletin 42 (3), 241-245, 2001
The importance of an infrequently flooded intertidal marsh surface as an energy source for the mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus: an experimental approach
SB Weisberg, VA Lotrich
Marine Biology 66 (3), 307-310, 1982
Assessing ecological integrity in marine waters, using multiple indices and ecosystem components: challenges for the future
A Borja, A Ranasinghe, SB Weisberg
Marine Pollution Bulletin 59 (1-3), 1-4, 2009
Storm effects on regional beach water quality along the southern California shoreline
RT Noble, SB Weisberg, MK Leecaster, CD McGee, JH Dorsey, P Vainik, ...
Journal of Water and Health 1 (1), 23-31, 2003
Tidal and diurnal influence on food consumption of a salt marsh killifish Fundulus heteroclitus
SB Weisberg, R Whalen, VA Lotrich
Marine Biology 61 (2-3), 243-246, 1981
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