Sami M. Kivelä
Sami M. Kivelä
Department of Ecology and Genetics, University of Oulu
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Species-level para-and polyphyly in DNA barcode gene trees: strong operational bias in European Lepidoptera
M Mutanen, SM Kivelä, RA Vos, C Doorenweerd, S Ratnasingham, ...
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SM Kivelä, P Välimäki, K Gotthard
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J Raitanen, JT Forsman, SM Kivelä, MI Mäenpää, P Välimäki
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Thermal plasticity of growth and development varies adaptively among alternative developmental pathways
SM Kivelä, B Svensson, A Tiwe, K Gotthard
Evolution 69 (9), 2399-2413, 2015
Temperature-and density-dependence of diapause induction and its life history correlates in the geometrid moth Chiasmia clathrata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)
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Is it interspecific information use or aggression between putative competitors that steers the selection of nest-site characteristics? A reply to Slagsvold and Wiebe
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Journal of Avian Biology 49 (3), 2018
Towards a mechanistic understanding of insect life history evolution: oxygen‐dependent induction of moulting explains moulting sizes
SM Kivelä, M Friberg, C Wiklund, O Leimar, K Gotthard
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Heterospecific nest site copying behavior in a wild bird: assessing the influence of genetics and past experience on a joint breeding phenotype
J Morinay, JT Forsman, SM Kivelä, L Gustafsson, B Doligez
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 5, 167, 2018
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