Scott A. Love
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A Psychophysical Investigation of Differences between Synchrony and Temporal Order Judgments
SA Love, K Petrini, A Cheng, FE Pollick
PLOS ONE 8 (1), e54798, 2013
Action expertise reduces brain activity for audiovisual matching actions: An fMRI study with expert drummers
K Petrini, FE Pollick, S Dahl, P McAleer, L McKay, D Rocchesso, ...
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Uni-and multisensory brain areas are synchronised across spectators when watching unedited dance recordings
C Jola, P McAleer, MH Grosbras, SA Love, G Morison, FE Pollick
i-Perception 4 (4), 265-284, 2013
Left brain asymmetry of the planum temporale in a nonhominid primate: Redefining the origin of brain specialization for language
D Marie, M Roth, R Lacoste, B Nazarian, A Bertello, JL Anton, ...
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Social decisions affect neural activity to perceived dynamic gaze
M Latinus, SA Love, A Rossi, FJ Parada, L Huang, L Conty, N George, ...
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The average baboon brain: MRI templates and tissue probability maps from 89 individuals
SA Love, D Marie, M Roth, R Lacoste, B Nazarian, A Bertello, O Coulon, ...
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Cerebral correlates and statistical criteria of cross-modal face and voice integration
SA Love, FE Pollick, M Latinus
Seeing and Perceiving 24 (4), 351-367, 2011
A practical guide for the identification of major sulcogyral structures of the human cortex
C Destrieux, LM Terrier, F Andersson, SA Love, JP Cottier, H Duvernoy, ...
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The role of kinematics in cortical regions for continuous human motion perception
P McAleer, FE Pollick, SA Love, F Crabbe, JM Zacks
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 14 (1), 307-318, 2014
Familiarity and Voice Representation: From Acoustic-Based Representation to Voice Averages
M Fontaine, SA Love, M Latinus
Frontiers in Psychology 8, 1180, 2017
Overlapping but divergent neural correlates underpinning audiovisual synchrony and temporal order judgments
SA Love, K Petrini, CR Pernet, M Latinus, FE Pollick
Frontiers in human neuroscience 12, 274, 2018
Effects of Experience, Training and Expertise on Multisensory Perception: Investigating the Link between Brain and Behavior
S Love, F Pollick, K Petrini
Cognitive Behavioural Systems, 304-320, 2012
Neural Bases for Social Attention in Healthy Humans
A Puce, M Latinus, A Rossi, F Parada, S Love, A Ashourvan, S Jayaraman
The Many Faces of Social Attention, 93-127, 2015
Object and food novelty induce distinct patterns of c-fos immunoreactivity in amygdala and striatum in domestic male chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus)
EC Perez, M Meurisse, L Hervé, M Georgelin, P Constantin, F Cornilleau, ...
Behavioural Brain Research 381, 112453, 2020
Audiovisual processing differences in autism spectrum disorder revealed by a model-based analysis of simultaneity and temporal order judgments
P Regener, S Love, K Petrini, F Pollick
Journal of Vision 14 (10), 429-429, 2014
Crossmodal Integration of Emotional Stimuli in Alcohol Dependence
P Maurage, S Love, F D’Hondt
Integrating Face and Voice in Person Perception, 271-298, 2013
Human-like brain specialization in baboons: an in vivo anatomical MRI study of language areas homologs in 96 subjects
A Meguerditchian, D Marie, SA Love, K Margiotoudi, A Bertello, R Lacoste, ...
The evolution of language: Proceedings of the 11th international conference …, 2016
Perceiving intention in animacy displays created from human motion
P McAleer, SA Love
Social Perception: Detection and Interpretation of Animacy, Agency and …, 2013
How audio and visual cues combine to discriminate tempo of swing groove drumming
S Love, JM Hillis, C Waadeland, D Rocchesso, F Avanzini, S Dahl, ...
Journal of vision 7 (9), 870-870, 2007
Combining the senses: The role of experience-and task-dependent mechanisms in the development of audiovisual simultaneity perception.
K Petrini, G Denis, SA Love, M Nardini
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 2020
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