Ibrahim Kaya
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Novel trimodal MALDI imaging mass spectrometry (IMS3) at 10 μm reveals spatial lipid and peptide correlates implicated in Aβ plaque pathology in Alzheimer’s disease
I Kaya, D Brinet, W Michno, M Başkurt, H Zetterberg, K Blenow, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 8 (12), 2778-2790, 2017
Chemical analysis of single cells
PE Oomen, MA Aref, I Kaya, NTN Phan, AG Ewing
Analytical chemistry 91 (1), 588-621, 2018
Delineating amyloid plaque associated neuronal sphingolipids in transgenic Alzheimer’s disease mice (tgArcSwe) using MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
I Kaya, D Brinet, W Michno, S Syvänen, D Sehlin, H Zetterberg, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 8 (2), 347-355, 2017
Histology-compatible MALDI mass spectrometry based imaging of neuronal lipids for subsequent immunofluorescent staining
I Kaya, W Michno, D Brinet, Y Iacone, G Zanni, K Blennow, H Zetterberg, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (8), 4685-4694, 2017
Shedding light on the molecular pathology of amyloid plaques in transgenic Alzheimer’s disease mice using multimodal MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
I Kaya, H Zetterberg, K Blennow, J Hanrieder
ACS chemical neuroscience 9 (7), 1802-1817, 2018
Pyroglutamation of amyloid-βx-42 (Aβx-42) followed by Aβ1–40 deposition underlies plaque polymorphism in progressing Alzheimer’s disease pathology
W Michno, S Nyström, P Wehrli, T Lashley, G Brinkmalm, L Guerard, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (17), 6719-6732, 2019
Brain region‐specific amyloid plaque‐associated myelin lipid loss, APOE deposition and disruption of the myelin sheath in familial Alzheimer’s disease mice
I Kaya, E Jennische, S Lange, A Tarik Baykal, P Malmberg, JS Fletcher
Journal of neurochemistry 154 (1), 84-98, 2020
On-Tissue Chemical Derivatization of Catecholamines Using 4-(N-Methyl)pyridinium Boronic Acid for ToF-SIMS and LDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry Imaging
I Kaya, SM Brülls, J Dunevall, E Jennische, S Lange, J Mårtensson, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (22), 13580-13590, 2018
Probing amyloid‐β pathology in transgenic Alzheimer's disease (tgArcSwe) mice using MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
L Carlred, W Michno, I Kaya, P Sjövall, S Syvänen, J Hanrieder
Journal of neurochemistry 138 (3), 469-478, 2016
Spatial lipidomics reveals region and long chain base specific accumulations of monosialogangliosides in amyloid plaques in familial Alzheimer’s disease mice (5xFAD) brain
I Kaya, E Jennische, J Dunevall, S Lange, AG Ewing, P Malmberg, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 11 (1), 14-24, 2019
Multimodal chemical imaging of amyloid plaque polymorphism reveals Aβ aggregation dependent anionic lipid accumulations and metabolism
W Michno, I Kaya, S Nyström, L Guerard, KPR Nilsson, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (13), 8130-8138, 2018
Multimodal MALDI imaging mass spectrometry reveals spatially correlated lipid and protein changes in mouse heart with acute myocardial infarction
I Kaya, S Samfors, M Levin, J Borén, JS Fletcher
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 31 (10), 2133-2142, 2020
Dual polarity MALDI imaging mass spectrometry on the same pixel points reveals spatial lipid localizations at high-spatial resolutions in rat small intestine
I Kaya, E Jennische, S Lange, P Malmberg
Analytical methods 10 (21), 2428-2435, 2018
Multimodal chemical imaging of a single brain tissue section using ToF-SIMS, MALDI-ToF and immuno/histochemical staining
I Kaya, E Jennische, S Lange, P Malmberg
Analyst 146 (4), 1169-1177, 2021
(CO2)n+, (H2O)n+, and (H2O)n+ (CO2) gas cluster ion beam secondary ion mass spectrometry: analysis of lipid extracts, cells, and Alzheimer’s model …
K Dimovska Nilsson, A Karagianni, I Kaya, M Henricsson, JS Fletcher
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 413 (16), 4181-4194, 2021
Advances in spatial mass spectrometry enable in-depth neuropharmacodynamics
S Baijnath, I Kaya, A Nilsson, R Shariatgorji, PE Andrén
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 43 (9), 740-753, 2022
Spatial lipidomics reveals brain region-specific changes of sulfatides in an experimental MPTP Parkinson’s disease primate model
I Kaya, A Nilsson, D Luptáková, Y He, T Vallianatou, P Bjärterot, ...
npj Parkinson's Disease 9 (1), 118, 2023
On-tissue chemical derivatization for comprehensive mapping of brain carboxyl and aldehyde metabolites by MALDI–MS imaging
I Kaya, LS Schembri, A Nilsson, R Shariatgorji, S Baijnath, X Zhang, ...
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 34 (5), 836-846, 2023
Prosaposin maintains lipid homeostasis in dopamine neurons and counteracts experimental parkinsonism in rodents
Y He, I Kaya, R Shariatgorji, J Lundkvist, LU Wahlberg, A Nilsson, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 5804, 2023
Antisecretory factor (AF) egg-yolk peptides reflects the intake of AF-activating feed in hens
I Kaya, E Johansson, S Lange, P Malmberg
Clinical Nutrition Experimental 12, 27-36, 2017
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