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Chromatin connectivity maps reveal dynamic promoter–enhancer long-range associations
Y Zhang, CH Wong, RY Birnbaum, G Li, R Favaro, CY Ngan, J Lim, E Tai, ...
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Molecular portraits of epithelial, mesenchymal, and hybrid States in lung adenocarcinoma and their relevance to survival
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Marine algae and land plants share conserved phytochrome signaling systems
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Tumor microenvironment–derived proteins dominate the plasma proteome response during breast cancer induction and progression
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Multiplex chromatin interactions with single-molecule precision
M Zheng, SZ Tian, D Capurso, M Kim, R Maurya, B Lee, E Piecuch, ...
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Phosphoproteomics identified Endofin, DCBLD2, and KIAA0582 as novel tyrosine phosphorylation targets of EGF signaling and Iressa in human cancer cells
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Lineage-specific chromatin signatures reveal a regulator of lipid metabolism in microalgae
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Picky comprehensively detects high-resolution structural variants in nanopore long reads
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Nature methods 15 (6), 455-460, 2018
A novel soluble form of Tim-3 associated with severe graft-versus-host disease
JA Hansen, SM Hanash, L Tabellini, C Baik, RL Lawler, BM Grogan, ...
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 19 (9), 1323-1330, 2013
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