scott brown
scott brown
school of psychology, university of newcastle
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The simplest complete model of choice response time: Linear ballistic accumulation
SD Brown, A Heathcote
Cognitive psychology 57 (3), 153-178, 2008
The power law repealed: The case for an exponential law of practice
A Heathcote, S Brown, DJK Mewhort
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Striatum and pre-SMA facilitate decision-making under time pressure
BU Forstmann, G Dutilh, S Brown, J Neumann, DY Von Cramon, ...
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Diffusion decision model: Current issues and history
R Ratcliff, PL Smith, SD Brown, G McKoon
Trends in cognitive sciences 20 (4), 260-281, 2016
Cortico-striatal connections predict control over speed and accuracy in perceptual decision making
BU Forstmann, A Anwander, A Schäfer, J Neumann, S Brown, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (36), 15916-15920, 2010
On the linear relation between the mean and the standard deviation of a response time distribution.
EJ Wagenmakers, S Brown
Psychological review 114 (3), 830, 2007
Quantile maximum likelihood estimation of response time distributions
A Heathcote, S Brown, DJK Mewhort
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A ballistic model of choice response time.
S Brown, A Heathcote
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Domain general mechanisms of perceptual decision making in human cortex
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A prospective and blinded investigation of magnetic resonance imaging of the knee. Abnormal findings in asymptomatic subjects.
SD Boden, DO Davis, TS Dina, DW Stoller, SD Brown, JC Vailas, ...
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Fitting distributions using maximum likelihood: Methods and packages
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Revisiting the evidence for collapsing boundaries and urgency signals in perceptual decision-making
GE Hawkins, BU Forstmann, EJ Wagenmakers, R Ratcliff, SD Brown
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The speed-accuracy tradeoff in the elderly brain: a structural model-based approach
BU Forstmann, M Tittgemeyer, EJ Wagenmakers, J Derrfuss, D Imperati, ...
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A method for efficiently sampling from distributions with correlated dimensions.
BM Turner, PB Sederberg, SD Brown, M Steyvers
Psychological methods 18 (3), 368, 2013
Diffusion versus linear ballistic accumulation: different models but the same conclusions about psychological processes?
C Donkin, S Brown, A Heathcote, EJ Wagenmakers
Psychonomic bulletin & review 18 (1), 61-69, 2011
Not just for consumers: Context effects are fundamental to decision making
JS Trueblood, SD Brown, A Heathcote, JR Busemeyer
Psychological science 24 (6), 901-908, 2013
Neural correlates of trial-to-trial fluctuations in response caution
L van Maanen, SD Brown, T Eichele, EJ Wagenmakers, T Ho, J Serences, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (48), 17488-17495, 2011
Reciprocal relations between cognitive neuroscience and formal cognitive models: opposites attract?
BU Forstmann, EJ Wagenmakers, T Eichele, S Brown, JT Serences
Trends in cognitive sciences 15 (6), 272-279, 2011
QMPE: Estimating Lognormal, Wald, and Weibull RT distributions with a parameter-dependent lower bound
A Heathcote, S Brown, D Cousineau
Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 36 (2), 277-290, 2004
The multiattribute linear ballistic accumulator model of context effects in multialternative choice.
JS Trueblood, SD Brown, A Heathcote
Psychological review 121 (2), 179, 2014
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