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Image calibration and analysis toolbox–a free software suite for objectively measuring reflectance, colour and pattern
J Troscianko, M Stevens
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6 (11), 1320-1331, 2015
Tool use by wild New Caledonian crows Corvus moneduloides at natural foraging sites
LA Bluff, J Troscianko, AAS Weir, A Kacelnik, C Rutz
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 277 (1686), 1377-1385, 2010
Extreme binocular vision and a straight bill facilitate tool use in New Caledonian crows
J Troscianko, AM Von Bayern, J Chappell, C Rutz, GR Martin
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-7, 2012
The ecological significance of tool use in New Caledonian crows
C Rutz, LA Bluff, N Reed, J Troscianko, J Newton, R Inger, A Kacelnik, ...
Science 329 (5998), 1523-1526, 2010
Camouflage predicts survival in ground-nesting birds
J Troscianko, J Wilson-Aggarwal, M Stevens, CN Spottiswoode
Scientific reports 6, 19966, 2016
Stability of the color-opponent signals under changes of illuminant in natural scenes
PG Lovell, DJ Tolhurst, CA Párraga, R Baddeley, U Leonards, ...
JOSA A 22 (10), 2060-2071, 2005
Repeated targeting of the same hosts by a brood parasite compromises host egg rejection
M Stevens, J Troscianko, CN Spottiswoode
Nature Communications 4, 2475, 2013
A simple tool for calculating egg shape, volume and surface area from digital images
J Troscianko
Ibis 156 (4), 874-878, 2014
Quantifying camouflage: how to predict detectability from appearance
J Troscianko, J Skelhorn, M Stevens
BMC evolutionary biology 17 (1), 7, 2017
Defeating crypsis: detection and learning of camouflage strategies
J Troscianko, AE Lown, AE Hughes, M Stevens
PloS one 8 (9), e73733, 2013
Color contrast and stability as key elements for effective warning signals
LM Arenas, J Troscianko, M Stevens
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2, 25, 2014
Motion dazzle and the effects of target patterning on capture success
AE Hughes, J Troscianko, M Stevens
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14 (1), 201, 2014
Revealed by conspicuousness: distractive markings reduce camouflage
M Stevens, KLA Marshall, J Troscianko, S Finlay, D Burnand, ...
Behavioral Ecology 24 (1), 213-222, 2013
An EST screen from the annelid Pomatoceros lamarckii reveals patterns of gene loss and gain in animals
T Takahashi, C McDougall, J Troscianko, WC Chen, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 9 (1), 1-17, 2009
Programmable, miniature video‐loggers for deployment on wild birds and other wildlife
C Rutz, J Troscianko
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4 (2), 114-122, 2013
Evolution of correlated complexity in the radically different courtship signals of birds-of-paradise
RA Ligon, CD Diaz, JL Morano, J Troscianko, M Stevens, A Moskeland, ...
PLoS biology 16 (11), e2006962, 2018
Changes in women’s facial skin color over the ovulatory cycle are not detectable by the human visual system
RP Burriss, J Troscianko, PG Lovell, AJC Fulford, M Stevens, R Quigley, ...
PLoS One 10 (7), e0130093, 2015
Escape distance in ground-nesting birds differs with individual level of camouflage
JK Wilson-Aggarwal, JT Troscianko, M Stevens, CN Spottiswoode
The American Naturalist 188 (2), 231-239, 2016
Improvement of individual camouflage through background choice in ground-nesting birds
M Stevens, J Troscianko, JK Wilson-Aggarwal, CN Spottiswoode
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (9), 1325-1333, 2017
Phenotype–environment matching in sand fleas
M Stevens, AC Broderick, BJ Godley, AE Lown, J Troscianko, N Weber, ...
Biology Letters 11 (8), 20150494, 2015
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