Marcello Maggiolini
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G protein-coupled receptors: novel targets for drug discovery in cancer
R Lappano, M Maggiolini
Nature reviews Drug discovery 10 (1), 47-60, 2011
The G protein-coupled receptor GPR30 mediates c-fos up-regulation by 17β-estradiol and phytoestrogens in breast cancer cells
M Maggiolini, A Vivacqua, G Fasanella, AG Recchia, D Sisci, V Pezzi, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (26), 27008-27016, 2004
G protein–coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) mediates gene expression changes and growth response to 17β-estradiol and selective GPR30 ligand G-1 in ovarian cancer cells
L Albanito, A Madeo, R Lappano, A Vivacqua, V Rago, A Carpino, ...
Cancer research 67 (4), 1859-1866, 2007
The unfolding stories of GPR30, a new membrane-bound estrogen receptor.
M Maggiolini, D Picard
The Journal of endocrinology 204 (2), 105-114, 2009
The G protein-coupled receptor GPR30 mediates the proliferative effects induced by 17β-estradiol and hydroxytamoxifen in endometrial cancer cells
A Vivacqua, D Bonofiglio, AG Recchia, AM Musti, D Picard, S Andō, ...
Molecular endocrinology 20 (3), 631-646, 2006
A novel VNTR enhancer within the SIRT3 gene, a human homologue of SIR2, is associated with survival at oldest ages
D Bellizzi, G Rose, P Cavalcante, G Covello, S Dato, F De Rango, ...
Genomics 85 (2), 258-263, 2005
Mechanisms of estrogen signaling and gene expression via GPR30
ER Prossnitz, M Maggiolini
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 308 (1-2), 32-38, 2009
17β-Estradiol, genistein, and 4-hydroxytamoxifen induce the proliferation of thyroid cancer cells through the G protein-coupled receptor GPR30
A Vivacqua, D Bonofiglio, L Albanito, A Madeo, V Rago, A Carpino, ...
Molecular pharmacology 70 (4), 1414-1423, 2006
Estrogenic GPR30 signalling induces proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells through CTGF
DP Pandey, R Lappano, L Albanito, A Madeo, M Maggiolini, D Picard
The EMBO journal 28 (5), 523-532, 2009
Leptin induces, via ERK1/ERK2 signal, functional activation of estrogen receptor α in MCF-7 cells
S Catalano, L Mauro, S Marsico, C Giordano, P Rizza, V Rago, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (19), 19908-19915, 2004
Estrogen receptor α mediates the proliferative but not the cytotoxic dose-dependent effects of two major phytoestrogens on human breast cancer cells
M Maggiolini, D Bonofiglio, S Marsico, ML Panno, B Cenni, D Picard, ...
Molecular pharmacology 60 (3), 595-602, 2001
Bisphenol A induces gene expression changes and proliferative effects through GPER in breast cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts
M Pupo, A Pisano, R Lappano, MF Santolla, EM De Francesco, ...
Environmental health perspectives 120 (8), 1177-1182, 2012
Adrenal androgens stimulate the proliferation of breast cancer cells as direct activators of estrogen receptor α
M Maggiolini, O Donzé, E Jeannin, S Andō, D Picard
Cancer research 59 (19), 4864-4869, 1999
The novel estrogen receptor, G protein-coupled receptor 30, mediates the proliferative effects induced by 17β-estradiol on mouse spermatogonial GC-1 cell line
R Sirianni, A Chimento, C Ruggiero, A De Luca, R Lappano, S Andò, ...
Endocrinology 149 (10), 5043-5051, 2008
Nuclear alternate estrogen receptor GPR30 mediates 17β-estradiol–induced gene expression and migration in breast cancer–associated fibroblasts
A Madeo, M Maggiolini
Cancer research 70 (14), 6036-6046, 2010
Estrogenic and antiproliferative activities of isoliquiritigenin in MCF7 breast cancer cells
M Maggiolini, G Statti, A Vivacqua, S Gabriele, V Rago, M Loizzo, ...
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 82 (4-5), 315-322, 2002
Breast cancer: from estrogen to androgen receptor
S Ando, F De Amicis, V Rago, A Carpino, M Maggiolini, ML Panno, ...
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 193 (1-2), 121-128, 2002
Epidermal growth factor induces G protein-coupled receptor 30 expression in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cells
L Albanito, D Sisci, S Aquila, E Brunelli, A Vivacqua, A Madeo, R Lappano, ...
Endocrinology 149 (8), 3799-3808, 2008
Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol inhibit MCF‐7 breast cancer cell proliferation interfering with ERK1/2 activation
R Sirianni, A Chimento, A De Luca, I Casaburi, P Rizza, A Onofrio, ...
Molecular nutrition & food research 54 (6), 833-840, 2010
HIF-1α/GPER signaling mediates the expression of VEGF induced by hypoxia in breast cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs)
EM De Francesco, R Lappano, MF Santolla, S Marsico, A Caruso, ...
Breast Cancer Research 15 (4), R64, 2013
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