Masha Vladimirova
Masha Vladimirova
Researcher at French National Center for Scientific Research
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Exciton-light coupling in single and coupled semiconductor microcavities: Polariton dispersion and polarization splitting
G Panzarini, LC Andreani, A Armitage, D Baxter, MS Skolnick, ...
Physical Review B 59 (7), 5082, 1999
Stereochemical effects in supramolecular self-assembly at surfaces: 1-D versus 2-D enantiomorphic ordering for PVBA and PEBA on Ag (111)
JV Barth, J Weckesser, G Trimarchi, M Vladimirova, A De Vita, C Cai, ...
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Polariton-polariton interaction constants in microcavities
M Vladimirova, S Cronenberger, D Scalbert, KV Kavokin, A Miard, ...
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LC Andreani, G Panzarini, AV Kavokin, MR Vladimirova
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V Agarwal, JA Del Río, G Malpuech, M Zamfirescu, A Kavokin, D Coquillat, ...
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Scaling and universality of self-organized patterns on unstable vicinal surfaces
A Pimpinelli, V Tonchev, A Videcoq, M Vladimirova
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JJ Baumberg, AP Heberle, AV Kavokin, MR Vladimirova, K Köhler
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Supramolecular self-assembly and selective step decoration on the Au (111) surface
M Vladimirova, M Stengel, A De Vita, A Baldereschi, M Böhringer, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 56 (2), 254, 2001
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AV Kavokin, MR Vladimirova, MA Kaliteevski, O Lyngnes, JD Berger, ...
Physical Review B 56 (3), 1087, 1997
Giant photoinduced Faraday rotation due to the spin-polarized electron gas in an n-GaAs microcavity
R Giri, S Cronenberger, M Vladimirova, D Scalbert, KV Kavokin, ...
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MR Vladimirova, AV Kavokin, MA Kaliteevski
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Measurements of nuclear spin dynamics by spin-noise spectroscopy
II Ryzhov, SV Poltavtsev, KV Kavokin, MM Glazov, GG Kozlov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (24), 242405, 2015
Nondestructive Measurement of Nuclear Magnetization by Off-Resonant Faraday Rotation
R Giri, S Cronenberger, MM Glazov, KV Kavokin, A Lemaître, J Bloch, ...
Physical review letters 111 (8), 087603, 2013
Kinetic Monte Carlo study of the terrace width distribution during step bunching in homoepitaxial growth
A Videcoq, A Pimpinelli, M Vladimirova
Applied surface science 177 (4), 213-220, 2001
A new model of morphological instabilities during epitaxial growth: from step bunching to mounds formation
M Vladimirova, A Pimpinelli, A Videcoq
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P Andreakou, S Cronenberger, D Scalbert, A Nalitov, NA Gippius, ...
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Observation of spin beats at the Rabi frequency in microcavities
A Brunetti, M Vladimirova, D Scalbert, M Nawrocki, AV Kavokin, ...
Physical Review B 74 (24), 241101, 2006
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