Guillaume Lecué
Guillaume Lecué
Professor - ENSAE - CREST
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Interactions between compressed sensing random matrices and high dimensional geometry
D Chafaï, O Guédon, G Lecué, A Pajor
Société Mathématique de France, 2012
Slope meets lasso: improved oracle bounds and optimality
PC Bellec, G Lecué, AB Tsybakov
The Annals of Statistics 46 (6B), 3603-3642, 2018
Sparse recovery under weak moment assumptions
G Lecué, S Mendelson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1401.2188, 2014
Regularization and the small-ball method i: sparse recovery
G Lecué, S Mendelson
The Annals of Statistics 46 (2), 611-641, 2018
Learning subgaussian classes: Upper and minimax bounds
G Lecué, S Mendelson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1305.4825, 2013
On the gap between restricted isometry properties and sparse recovery conditions
S Dirksen, G Lecué, H Rauhut
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 64 (8), 5478-5487, 2016
Optimal rates of aggregation in classification under low noise assumption
G Lecué
Bernoulli 13 (4), 1000-1022, 2007
Aggregation via empirical risk minimization
G Lecué, S Mendelson
Probability theory and related fields 145 (3-4), 591-613, 2009
Selection of variables and dimension reduction in high-dimensional non-parametric regression
K Bertin, G Lecué
Electronic Journal of Statistics 2, 1224-1241, 2008
Simultaneous adaptation to the margin and to complexity in classification
G Lecué
The Annals of Statistics 35 (4), 1698-1721, 2007
Optimal rates and adaptation in the single-index model using aggregation
S Gaïffas, G Lecué
Electronic journal of statistics 1, 538-573, 2007
Sharp oracle inequalities for high-dimensional matrix prediction
S Gaiffas, G Lecué
IEEE transactions on information theory 57 (10), 6942-6957, 2011
Estimation bounds and sharp oracle inequalities of regularized procedures with Lipschitz loss functions
P Alquier, V Cottet, G Lecué
The Annals of Statistics 47 (4), 2117-2144, 2019
Robust machine learning by median-of-means: theory and practice
G Lecué, M Lerasle
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.10306, 2017
Suboptimality of penalized empirical risk minimization in classification
G Lecué
International Conference on Computational Learning Theory, 142-156, 2007
Oracle inequalities for cross-validation type procedures
G Lecué, C Mitchell
Electronic Journal of Statistics 6, 1803-1837, 2012
Interplay between concentration, complexity and geometry in learning theory with applications to high dimensional data analysis
G Lecué
Regularization and the small-ball method II: complexity dependent error rates
G Lecué, S Mendelson
The Journal of Machine Learning Research 18 (1), 5356-5403, 2017
Optimal learning with Q-aggregation
G Lecué, P Rigollet
The Annals of Statistics 42 (1), 211-224, 2014
Weighted algorithms for compressed sensing and matrix completion
S Gaïffas, G Lecué
arXiv preprint arXiv:1107.1638, 2011
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