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Filip Szczepankiewicz
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Quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy disentangles effects of orientation dispersion from microstructure: Applications in healthy volunteers and in brain tumors
F Szczepankiewicz, S Lasic, D van Westen, PC Sundgren, E Englund, ...
NeuroImage 104, 241-252, 2015
Microanisotropy imaging: quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy and orientational order parameter by diffusion MRI with magic-angle spinning of the q-vector
S Lasič, F Szczepankiewicz, S Eriksson, M Nilsson, D Topgaard
Frontiers in Physics 2, 11, 2014
Q-space trajectory imaging for multidimensional diffusion MRI of the human brain
CF Westin, H Knutsson, O Pasternak, F Szczepankiewicz, E Özarslan, ...
NeuroImage 135, 345-362, 2016
Neurite density imaging versus imaging of microscopic anisotropy in diffusion MRI: a model comparison using spherical tensor encoding
B Lampinen, F Szczepankiewicz, J Mårtensson, D van Westen, ...
Neuroimage 147, 517-531, 2017
Variability in diffusion kurtosis imaging: impact on study design, statistical power and interpretation
F Szczepankiewicz, J Lätt, R Wirestam, A Leemans, P Sundgren, ...
Neuroimage 76, 145-154, 2013
The link between diffusion MRI and tumor heterogeneity: Mapping cell eccentricity and density by diffusional variance decomposition (DIVIDE)
F Szczepankiewicz, D van Westen, E Englund, CF Westin, F Ståhlberg, ...
NeuroImage 142, 522-532, 2016
Measurement tensors in diffusion MRI: generalizing the concept of diffusion encoding
CF Westin, F Szczepankiewicz, O Pasternak, E Özarslan, D Topgaard, ...
International conference on medical image computing and computer-assisted …, 2014
Constrained optimization of gradient waveforms for generalized diffusion encoding
J Sjölund, F Szczepankiewicz, M Nilsson, D Topgaard, CF Westin, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 261, 157-168, 2015
Extrapolation-based references improve motion and eddy-current correction of high b-value DWI data: application in Parkinson’s disease dementia
M Nilsson, F Szczepankiewicz, D van Westen, O Hansson
PloS one 10 (11), e0141825, 2015
Optimal experimental design for filter exchange imaging: Apparent exchange rate measurements in the healthy brain and in intracranial tumors
B Lampinen, F Szczepankiewicz, D van Westen, E Englund, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 77 (3), 1104-1114, 2017
Assessment of global and regional diffusion changes along white matter tracts in parkinsonian disorders by MR tractography
Y Surova, F Szczepankiewicz, J Lätt, M Nilsson, B Eriksson, A Leemans, ...
PloS one 8 (6), e66022, 2013
Separating blood and water: perfusion and free water elimination from diffusion MRI in the human brain
AS Rydhög, F Szczepankiewicz, R Wirestam, A Ahlgren, CF Westin, ...
Neuroimage 156, 423-434, 2017
Tensor-valued diffusion encoding for diffusional variance decomposition (DIVIDE): Technical feasibility in clinical MRI systems
F Szczepankiewicz, J Sjölund, F Ståhlberg, J Lätt, M Nilsson
PloS one 14 (3), e0214238, 2019
Maxwell‐compensated design of asymmetric gradient waveforms for tensor‐valued diffusion encoding
F Szczepankiewicz, CF Westin, M Nilsson
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine,, 2019
Searching for the neurite density with diffusion MRI: Challenges for biophysical modeling
B Lampinen, F Szczepankiewicz, M Novén, D van Westen, O Hansson, ...
Human brain mapping 40 (8), 2529-2545, 2019
Imaging brain tumour microstructure
M Nilsson, E Englund, F Szczepankiewicz, D van Westen, PC Sundgren
Neuroimage 182, 232-250, 2018
Liquid crystal phantom for validation of microscopic diffusion anisotropy measurements on clinical MRI systems
M Nilsson, J Larsson, D Lundberg, F Szczepankiewicz, T Witzel, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (3), 1817-1828, 2018
Minimum number of diffusion encoding directions required to yield a rotationally invariant powder average signal in single and double diffusion encoding
F Szczepankiewicz, CF Westin, F Ståhlberg, J Lätt, M Nilsson
Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Singapore, 2065, 2016
Microscopic anisotropy imaging at 7T using asymmetrical gradient waveform encoding
F Szczepankiewicz, CF Westin, F Ståhlberg, J Lätt, M Nilsson
Proc Intl Soc Mag Reson Med 24, 2016
An open-source framework for analysis of multidimensional diffusion MRI data implemented in MATLAB
M Nilsson, F Szczepankiewicz, B Lampinen, A Ahlgren, ...
Proc Intl Soc Mag Reson Med 26, 2018
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