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Navigating the labyrinth: a guide to sequence‐based, community ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
MM Hart, K Aleklett, PL Chagnon, C Egan, S Ghignone, T Helgason, ...
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The emerging science of linked plant–fungal invasions
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JL Maron, J Klironomos, L Waller, RM Callaway
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Escape from competition: Neighbors reduce Centaurea stoebe performance at home but not away
RM Callaway, LP Waller, A Diaconu, R Pal, AR Collins, ...
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Population‐level compensation impedes biological control of an invasive forb and indirect release of a native grass
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What drives differences in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities among plant species?
Y Lekberg, LP Waller
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Effects of soil fungi, disturbance and propagule pressure on exotic plant recruitment and establishment at home and abroad
JL Maron, LP Waller, MA Hahn, A Diaconu, RW Pal, H Müller‐Schärer, ...
Journal of Ecology 101 (4), 924-932, 2013
Reduced mycorrhizal responsiveness leads to increased competitive tolerance in an invasive exotic plant
LP Waller, RM Callaway, JN Klironomos, YK Ortega, JL Maron
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Sharing resources for mutual benefit: crosstalk between disciplines deepens the understanding of mycorrhizal symbioses across scales
LP Waller, J Felten, I Hiiesalu, H Vogt‐Schilb
Biotic interactions drive ecosystem responses to exotic plant invaders
LP Waller, WJ Allen, BIP Barratt, LM Condron, FM França, JE Hunt, ...
Science 368 (6494), 967-972, 2020
What happens in Europe stays in Europe: apparent evolution by an invader does not help at home
RW Pal, JL Maron, DU Nagy, LP Waller, A Tosto, H Liao, RM Callaway
Ecology, e03072, 2020
Trait differences in responses to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are stronger and more consistent than fixed differences among populations of Asclepias speciosa
LP Waller, PG Hahn, JL Maron, Y Lekberg
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Cascading effects of fire retardant on plant–microbe interactions, community composition, and invasion
A Marshall, L Waller, Y Lekberg
Ecological Applications 26 (4), 996-1002, 2016
How initial composition affects the later development?-A secondary successional study in differently managed agricultural sites
DU Nagy, T Henn, LP Waller, RW Pal
Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 14 (3), 281-295, 2016
Factors Affecting Plant Responses to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Fungal Communities
LP Waller
University of Montana, 2015
Community‐level direct and indirect impacts of an invasive plant favour exotic over native species
WJ Allen, R Wainer, JM Tylianakis, BIP Barratt, MR Shadbolt, LP Waller, ...
Journal of Ecology, 0
Seeing the forest not just for its trees: exotic pathogens shift forest communities aboveground and belowground
SJ Sapsford, LP Waller
New Phytologist, 2020
Herbivore-mediated apparent competition predicts plant performance at the community level
WJ Allen, LP Waller, JM Tylianakis, BIP Barratt, IA Dickie
2019 ESA Annual Meeting (August 11--16), 2019
Biotic interactions drive ecosystem responses to invaders in plant communities
LP Waller, WJ Allen, LM Condron, KH Orwin, JM Tylianakis, IA Dickie
2019 ESA Annual Meeting (August 11--16), 2019
Evolution by an invader abroad leads to strong costs when returned home
R Pal, J Maron, L Waller, A Tosto, D Nagy, H Liao, R Callaway
F1000Research 5, 2014
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