Chelsea D. Specht
Chelsea D. Specht
Professor of Plant Biology, Cornell University
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Homoplasy: from detecting pattern to determining process and mechanism of evolution
DB Wake, MH Wake, CD Specht
science 331 (6020), 1032-1035, 2011
DNA barcoding in the cycadales: testing the potential of proposed barcoding markers for species identification of cycads
C Sass, DP Little, DW Stevenson, CD Specht
PloS one 2 (11), e1154, 2007
A phylogeny of the monocots, as inferred from rbcL and atpA sequence variation, and a comparison of methods for calculating jackknife and bootstrap values
JI Davis, DW Stevenson, G Petersen, O Seberg, LM Campbell, ...
Systematic Botany 29 (3), 467-510, 2004
Finding our way through phenotypes
AR Deans, SE Lewis, E Huala, SS Anzaldo, M Ashburner, JP Balhoff, ...
PLoS biology 13 (1), e1002033, 2015
Monocot plastid phylogenomics, timeline, net rates of species diversification, the power of multi‐gene analyses, and a functional model for the origin of monocots
TJ Givnish, A Zuluaga, D Spalink, M Soto Gomez, VKY Lam, JM Saarela, ...
American Journal of Botany 105 (11), 1888-1910, 2018
Identification of a ganglioside recognition domain of tetanus toxin using a novel ganglioside photoaffinity ligand
RE Shapiro, CD Specht, BE Collins, AS Woods, RJ Cotter, RL Schnaar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (48), 30380-30386, 1997
A molecular phylogeny of the wild onions (Allium; Alliaceae) with a focus on the western North American center of diversity
NH Nguyen, HE Driscoll, CD Specht
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 47 (3), 1157-1172, 2008
Phylogenetic estimation of the core Bromelioids with an emphasis on the genus Aechmea (Bromeliaceae)
C Sass, CD Specht
Molecular Phylogenetics and evolution 55 (2), 559-571, 2010
Molecular Analysis of the SCARECROW Gene in Maize Reveals a Common Basis for Radial Patterning in Diverse Meristems
J Lim, Y Helariutta, CD Specht, J Jung, L Sims, WB Bruce, S Diehn, ...
The Plant Cell 12 (8), 1307-1318, 2000
Flower evolution: the origin and subsequent diversification of the angiosperm flower
CD Specht, ME Bartlett
Annu. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst. 40, 217-243, 2009
The significance and scope of evolutionary developmental biology: a vision for the 21st century
AP Moczek, KE Sears, A Stollewerk, PJ Wittkopp, P Diggle, I Dworkin, ...
Evolution & development 17 (3), 198-219, 2015
A new phylogeny‐based generic classification of Costaceae (Zingiberales)
CD Specht, DW Stevenson
Taxon 55 (1), 153-163, 2006
Understanding plant cellulose synthases through a comprehensive investigation of the cellulose synthase family sequences
A Carroll, CD Specht
Frontiers in Plant Science 2, 5, 2011
Influence of the geological history of the Trans‐Mexican Volcanic Belt on the diversification of Nolina parviflora (Asparagaceae: Nolinoideae)
E Ruiz‐Sanchez, CD Specht
Journal of Biogeography 40 (7), 1336-1347, 2013
Resolving ancient radiations: can complete plastid gene sets elucidate deep relationships among the tropical gingers (Zingiberales)?
CF Barrett, CD Specht, J Leebens-Mack, DW Stevenson, WB Zomlefer, ...
Annals of Botany 113 (1), 119-133, 2014
Revisiting the Zingiberales: using multiplexed exon capture to resolve ancient and recent phylogenetic splits in a charismatic plant lineage
C Sass, WJD Iles, CF Barrett, SY Smith, CD Specht
PeerJ 4, e1584, 2016
The evolutionary and biogeographic origin and diversification of the tropical monocot order Zingiberales
WJ Kress, CD Specht
Aliso: A Journal of Systematic and Floristic Botany 22 (1), 621-632, 2006
Changes in expression pattern of the teosinte branched1‐like genes in the Zingiberales provide a mechanism for evolutionary shifts in symmetry across the order
ME Bartlett, CD Specht
American Journal of Botany 98 (2), 227-243, 2011
Mycoheterotrophic interactions are not limited to a narrow phylogenetic range of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
VSFT Merckx, SB Janssens, NA Hynson, CD Specht, TD Bruns, EF Smets
Molecular Ecology 21 (6), 1524-1532, 2012
A phylogenetic analysis of the monocotyledons based on morphological and molecular character sets, with comments on the placement of Acorus and Hydatellaceae
DW Stevenson, JI Davis, JV Freudenstein, CR Hardy, MP Simmons, ...
Monocots: systematics and evolution. CSIRO, Melbourne, 17-24, 2000
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