Colm Nestor
Colm Nestor
Senior Lecturer, Sweden
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Tissue type is a major modifier of the 5-hydroxymethylcytosine content of human genes
CE Nestor, R Ottaviano, J Reddington, D Sproul, D Reinhardt, D Dunican, ...
Genome research 22 (3), 467-477, 2012
Enzymatic approaches and bisulfite sequencing cannot distinguish between 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA.
C Nestor, A Ruzov, RR Meehan, DS Dunican
Biotechniques 48 (4), 317-319, 2010
Redistribution of H3K27me3 upon DNA hypomethylation results in de-repression of Polycomb target genes
JP Reddington, SM Perricone, CE Nestor, J Reichmann, NA Youngson, ...
Genome biology 14 (3), 1-17, 2013
Transcriptionally repressed genes become aberrantly methylated and distinguish tumors of different lineages in breast cancer
D Sproul, C Nestor, J Culley, JH Dickson, JM Dixon, DJ Harrison, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (11), 4364-4369, 2011
Modules, networks and systems medicine for understanding disease and aiding diagnosis
M Gustafsson, CE Nestor, H Zhang, AL Barabási, S Baranzini, S Brunak, ...
Genome medicine 6 (10), 1-11, 2014
Tissue of origin determines cancer-associated CpG island promoter hypermethylation patterns
D Sproul, RR Kitchen, CE Nestor, JM Dixon, AH Sims, DJ Harrison, ...
Genome biology 13 (10), 1-16, 2012
Rapid reprogramming of epigenetic and transcriptional profiles in mammalian culture systems
CE Nestor, R Ottaviano, D Reinhardt, HA Cruickshanks, HK Mjoseng, ...
Genome biology 16 (1), 1-17, 2015
Promoter DNA methylation couples genome-defence mechanisms to epigenetic reprogramming in the mouse germline
JA Hackett, JP Reddington, CE Nestor, DS Dunican, MR Branco, ...
Development 139 (19), 3623-3632, 2012
Profiling of human CD4+ T-cell subsets identifies the TH2-specific noncoding RNA GATA3-AS1
H Zhang, CE Nestor, S Zhao, A Lentini, B Bohle, M Benson, H Wang
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 132 (4), 1005-1008, 2013
Non-genotoxic carcinogen exposure induces defined changes in the 5-hydroxymethylome
JP Thomson, H Lempiäinen, JA Hackett, CE Nestor, A Müller, F Bolognani, ...
Genome biology 13 (10), 1-17, 2012
DNA Methylation Changes Separate Allergic Patients from Healthy Controls and May Reflect Altered CD4+ T-Cell Population Structure
CE Nestor, F Barrenäs, H Wang, A Lentini, H Zhang, S Bruhn, R Jörnsten, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (1), e1004059, 2014
Reduced levels of two modifiers of epigenetic gene silencing, Dnmt3a and Trim28, cause increased phenotypic noise
NC Whitelaw, S Chong, DK Morgan, C Nestor, TJ Bruxner, A Ashe, ...
Genome biology 11 (11), 1-10, 2010
A validated gene regulatory network and GWAS identifies early regulators of T cell–associated diseases
M Gustafsson, DR Gawel, L Alfredsson, S Baranzini, J Björkander, ...
Science translational medicine 7 (313), 313ra178-313ra178, 2015
TCF/LEF dependent and independent transcriptional regulation of Wnt/β‐catenin target genes
N Doumpas, F Lampart, MD Robinson, A Lentini, CE Nestor, C Cantù, ...
The EMBO journal 38 (2), e98873, 2019
A reassessment of DNA-immunoprecipitation-based genomic profiling
A Lentini, C Lagerwall, S Vikingsson, HK Mjoseng, K Douvlataniotis, ...
Nature methods 15 (7), 499-504, 2018
5-Hydroxymethylcytosine remodeling precedes lineage specification during differentiation of human CD4+ T cells
CE Nestor, A Lentini, CH Nilsson, DR Gawel, M Gustafsson, L Mattson, ...
Cell reports 16 (2), 559-570, 2016
Comparative analysis of affinity-based 5-hydroxymethylation enrichment techniques
JP Thomson, JM Hunter, CE Nestor, DS Dunican, R Terranova, JG Moggs, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (22), e206-e206, 2013
Dynamic response genes in CD4+ T cells reveal a network of interactive proteins that classifies disease activity in multiple sclerosis
S Hellberg, D Eklund, DR Gawel, M Köpsén, H Zhang, CE Nestor, ...
Cell reports 16 (11), 2928-2939, 2016
A generally applicable translational strategy identifies S100A4 as a candidate gene in allergy
S Bruhn, Y Fang, F Barrenäs, M Gustafsson, H Zhang, A Konstantinell, ...
Science translational medicine 6 (218), 218ra4-218ra4, 2014
A validated single-cell-based strategy to identify diagnostic and therapeutic targets in complex diseases
DR Gawel, J Serra-Musach, S Lilja, J Aagesen, A Arenas, B Asking, ...
Genome medicine 11 (1), 1-25, 2019
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