Antonio Monzon
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Synthesis of carbon nanofibers: effects of Ni crystal size during methane decomposition
D Chen, KO Christensen, E Ochoa-Fernández, Z Yu, B Tøtdal, N Latorre, ...
Journal of Catalysis 229 (1), 82-96, 2005
Methane reforming with CO2 over Ni/ZrO2–CeO2 catalysts prepared by sol–gel
JA Montoya, E Romero-Pascual, C Gimon, P Del Angel, A Monzon
Catalysis Today 63 (1), 71-85, 2000
Catalytic decomposition of methane over Ni-Al2O3 coprecipitated catalysts: Reaction and regeneration studies
JI Villacampa, C Royo, E Romeo, JA Montoya, P Del Angel, A Monzon
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Improved explicit equations for estimation of the friction factor in rough and smooth pipes
E Romeo, C Royo, A Monzón
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Steam-methane reforming at low temperature on nickel-based catalysts
MA Nieva, MM Villaverde, A Monzón, TF Garetto, AJ Marchi
Chemical Engineering Journal 235, 158-166, 2014
Dehydrogenation of isopropylic alcohol on a Cu/SiO2 catalyst: a study of the activity evolution and reactivation of the catalyst
AJ Marchi, JLG Fierro, J Santamaría, A Monzon
Applied Catalysis A: General 142 (2), 375-386, 1996
An in depth investigation of deactivation through carbon formation during the biogas dry reforming reaction for Ni supported on modified with CeO2 and La2O3 zirconia catalysts
ND Charisiou, G Siakavelas, L Tzounis, V Sebastian, A Monzon, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (41), 18955-18976, 2018
Development of Ni–Cu–Mg–Al catalysts for the synthesis of carbon nanofibers by catalytic decomposition of methane
L Dussault, JC Dupin, C Guimon, M Monthioux, N Latorre, T Ubieto, ...
Journal of Catalysis 251 (1), 223-232, 2007
Hydrogenation of acetylene over Ni/NiAl2O4Catalyst: characterization, coking, and reaction studies
JA Pena, J Herguido, C Guimon, A Monzón, J Santamarı́a
Journal of Catalysis 159 (2), 313-322, 1996
Guía para la elaboración de estudios del medio físico. Contenido y metodología
M Aguiló, MP Aramburu, A Blanco, T Calatayud, RM Carrasco, G Castilla, ...
Serie Monografias. Centro de Publicaciones, Secretaria General Tecnica …, 1998
Aluminium foams as structured supports for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) oxidation
O Sanz, FJ Echave, M Sánchez, A Monzón, M Montes
Applied Catalysis A: General 340 (1), 125-132, 2008
Production of carbon nanotubes from methane: use of Co-Zn-Al catalysts prepared by microwave-assisted synthesis
P Benito, M Herrero, FM Labajos, V Rives, C Royo, N Latorre, A Monzon
Chemical Engineering Journal 149 (1-3), 455-462, 2009
Effect of Zn content on catalytic activity and physicochemical properties of Ni-based catalysts for selective hydrogenation of acetylene
JC Rodrıguez, AJ Marchi, A Borgna, A Monzón
Journal of Catalysis 171 (1), 268-278, 1997
Acetylene hydrogenation over Ni–Si–Al mixed oxides prepared by sol–gel technique
C Guimon, A Auroux, E Romero, A Monzon
Applied Catalysis A: General 251 (1), 199-214, 2003
Deactivation and regeneration of Cu/SiO2 catalyst in the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride. Kinetic modeling
CI Meyer, AJ Marchi, A Monzon, TF Garetto
Applied Catalysis A: General 367 (1-2), 122-129, 2009
Development of aligned carbon nanotubes layers over stainless steel mesh monoliths
V Martínez-Hansen, N Latorre, C Royo, E Romeo, E García-Bordejé, ...
Catalysis Today 147, S71-S75, 2009
Improvement of activity and stability of Ni–Mg–Al catalysts by Cu addition during hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane
A Monzón, N Latorre, T Ubieto, C Royo, E Romeo, JI Villacampa, ...
Catalysis Today 116 (3), 264-270, 2006
Carbon nanotube growth by catalytic chemical vapor deposition: a phenomenological kinetic model
N Latorre, E Romeo, F Cazana, T Ubieto, C Royo, JI Villacampa, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (11), 4773-4782, 2010
Use of hydrotalcites as catalytic precursors of multimetallic mixed oxides. Application in the hydrogenation of acetylene
A Monzón, E Romeo, C Royo, R Trujillano, FM Labajos, V Rives
Applied Catalysis A: General 185 (1), 53-63, 1999
Ni on alumina-coated cordierite monoliths for in situ generation of CO-free H2 from ammonia
C Plana, S Armenise, A Monzón, E García-Bordejé
Journal of Catalysis 275 (2), 228-235, 2010
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