Marcelo Gehara
Marcelo Gehara
Assistant professor at Rutgers-Newark
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High Levels of Diversity Uncovered in a Widespread Nominal Taxon: Continental Phylogeography of the Neotropical Tree Frog Dendropsophus minutus
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From widespread to microendemic: molecular and acoustic analyses show that Ischnocnema guentheri (Amphibia: Brachycephalidae) is endemic to Rio de Janeiro …
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Population expansion, isolation and selection: novel insights on the evolution of color diversity in the strawberry poison frog
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EA Myers, AT Xue, M Gehara, CL Cox, AR Davis Rabosky, ...
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Taxonomic Review of South American Butter Frogs: Phylogeny, Geographic Patterns, and Species Delimitation in the Leptodactylus latrans Species Group (Anura …
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Multilocus Phylogeography of the Treefrog Scinax eurydice (Anura, Hylidae) Reveals a Plio-Pleistocene Diversification in the Atlantic Forest
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Description of a new Malagasy treefrog (Boophis) occurring syntopically with its sister species, and a plea for studies on non-allopatric speciation in tropical amphibians
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BN Reid, E Naro‐Maciel, AT Hahn, NN FitzSimmons, M Gehara
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Phylogeny and species delimitation of near Eastern Neurergus newts (Salamandridae) based on genome-wide RADseq data analysis
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Ancient female philopatry, asymmetric male gene flow, and synchronous population expansion support the influence of climatic oscillations on the evolution of South American sea …
LR Oliveira, MCM Gehara, LD Fraga, F Lopes, JI Túnez, MH Cassini, ...
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A Miralles, CA Hipsley, J Erens, M Gehara, A Rakotoarison, F Glaw, ...
PLoS One 10 (6), e0126074, 2015
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