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Effect of H2/CO ratio and N2/CO2 dilution rate on laminar burning velocity of syngas investigated by direct measurement and simulation
ZH Wang, WB Weng, Y He, ZS Li, KF Cen
Fuel 141, 285-292, 2015
Recent development in numerical simulations and experimental studies of biomass thermochemical conversion
H Fatehi, W Weng, Z Li, XS Bai, M Alden
Energy & Fuels 35 (9), 6940-6963, 2021
Effects of CO content on laminar burning velocity of typical syngas by heat flux method and kinetic modeling
Y He, Z Wang, W Weng, Y Zhu, J Zhou, K Cen
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Effect of N2/CO2 dilution on laminar burning velocity of H2–CO–O2 oxy-fuel premixed flame
WB Weng, ZH Wang, Y He, R Whiddon, YJ Zhou, ZS Li, KF Cen
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40 (2), 1203-1211, 2015
Study of ozone-enhanced combustion in H2/CO/N2/air premixed flames by laminar burning velocity measurements and kinetic modeling
X Liang, Z Wang, W Weng, Z Zhou, Z Huang, J Zhou, K Cen
International Journal of hydrogen energy 38 (2), 1177-1188, 2013
Numerical simulation of ignition mode and ignition delay time of pulverized biomass particles
H Fatehi, W Weng, M Costa, Z Li, M Rabaçal, M Aldén, XS Bai
Combustion and Flame 206, 400-410, 2019
Diode laser-based thermometry using two-line atomic fluorescence of indium and gallium
J Borggren, W Weng, A Hosseinnia, PE Bengtsson, M Aldén, Z Li
Applied Physics B 123, 1-10, 2017
Quantitative measurement of atomic potassium in plumes over burning solid fuels using infrared-diode laser spectroscopy
W Weng, Q Gao, Z Wang, R Whiddon, Y He, Z Li, M Alden, K Cen
Energy & Fuels 31 (3), 2831-2837, 2017
Ignition and combustion behavior of single micron-sized iron particle in hot gas flow
S Li, J Huang, W Weng, Y Qian, X Lu, M Aldén, Z Li
Combustion and Flame 241, 112099, 2022
Single particle ignition and combustion of pulverized pine wood, wheat straw, rice husk and grape pomace
W Weng, M Costa, M Aldén, Z Li
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37 (3), 2663-2671, 2019
A novel multi-jet burner for hot flue gases of wide range of temperatures and compositions for optical diagnostics of solid fuels gasification/combustion
W Weng, J Borggren, B Li, M Aldén, Z Li
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (4), 2017
Optical investigation of gas-phase KCl/KOH sulfation in post flame conditions
W Weng, S Chen, H Wu, P Glarborg, Z Li
Fuel 224, 461-468, 2018
Temporally and spectrally resolved images of single burning pulverized wheat straw particles
W Weng, M Costa, Z Li, M Aldén
Fuel 224, 434-441, 2018
Investigation of formaldehyde enhancement by ozone addition in CH4/air premixed flames
W Weng, E Nilsson, A Ehn, J Zhu, Y Zhou, Z Wang, Z Li, M Aldén, K Cen
Combustion and Flame 162 (4), 1284-1293, 2015
Shedding light on the governing mechanisms for insufficient CO and H2 burnout in the presence of potassium, chlorine and sulfur
TB Vilches, W Weng, P Glarborg, Z Li, H Thunman, M Seemann
Fuel 273, 117762, 2020
Ultraviolet absorption cross sections of KOH and KCl for nonintrusive species-specific quantitative detection in hot flue gases
W Weng, C Brackmann, T Leffler, M Aldén, Z Li
Analytical chemistry 91 (7), 4719-4726, 2019
Development of novel ultrasonic temperature measurement technology for combustion gas as a potential indicator of combustion instability diagnostics
O Hwang, MC Lee, W Weng, Y Zhang, Z Li
Applied Thermal Engineering 159, 113905, 2019
Quantitative SO2 Detection in Combustion Environments Using Broad Band Ultraviolet Absorption and Laser-Induced Fluorescence
W Weng, M Aldén, Z Li
Analytical chemistry 91 (16), 10849-10855, 2019
Optical measurements of KOH, KCl and K for quantitative K-Cl chemistry in thermochemical conversion processes
W Weng, Y Zhang, H Wu, P Glarborg, Z Li
Fuel 271, 117643, 2020
Quantitative imaging of potassium release from single burning pulverized biomass char particles
W Weng, S Li, M Costa, Z Li
Fuel 264, 116866, 2020
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