Teresa Fornaro
Teresa Fornaro
Carnegie Institution of Washington
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Hydrogen-bonding effects on infrared spectra from anharmonic computations: uracil–water complexes and uracil dimers
T Fornaro, D Burini, M Biczysko, V Barone
The Journal of physical chemistry A 119 (18), 4224-4236, 2015
Dispersion corrected DFT approaches for anharmonic vibrational frequency calculations: nucleobases and their dimers
T Fornaro, M Biczysko, S Monti, V Barone
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (21), 10112-10128, 2014
Reliable vibrational wavenumbers for C [double bond, length as m-dash] O and N–H stretchings of isolated and hydrogen-bonded nucleic acid bases
T Fornaro, M Biczysko, J Bloino, V Barone
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (12), 8479-8490, 2016
Infrared spectral investigations of UV irradiated nucleobases adsorbed on mineral surfaces
T Fornaro, JR Brucato, E Pace, MC Guidi, S Branciamore, A Pucci
Icarus 226 (1), 1068-1085, 2013
MOMA: the challenge to search for organics and biosignatures on Mars.
W Goetz, WB Brinckerhoff, R Arevalo Jr., C Freissinet, S Getty, DP Glavin, ...
International Journal of Astrobiology 15 (3), 239–250, 2016
Toward feasible and comprehensive computational protocol for simulation of the spectroscopic properties of large molecular systems: the anharmonic infrared spectrum of uracil …
T Fornaro, I Carnimeo, M Biczysko
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119 (21), 5313-5326, 2015
UV irradiation of biomarkers adsorbed on minerals under Martian-like conditions: Hints for life detection on Mars
T Fornaro, A Boosman, JR Brucato, IL ten Kate, S Siljeström, G Poggiali, ...
Icarus 313, 38-60, 2018
Adsorption of nucleic acid bases on magnesium oxide (MgO)
T Fornaro, JR Brucato, S Branciamore, A Pucci
International Journal of Astrobiology 12 (1), 78, 2013
Catalytic/protective properties of martian minerals and implications for possible origin of life on Mars
T Fornaro, A Steele, JR Brucato
Life 8 (4), 56, 2018
Toward the design of alkynylimidazole fluorophores: computational and experimental characterization of spectroscopic features in solution and in poly (methyl methacrylate)
V Barone, F Bellina, M Biczysko, J Bloino, T Fornaro, C Latouche, M Lessi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (40), 26710-26723, 2015
Prebiotic synthesis of carboxylic acids, amino acids and nucleic acid bases from formamide under photochemical conditions⋆
L Botta, BM Bizzarri, D Piccinino, T Fornaro, JR Brucato, R Saladino
The European Physical Journal Plus 132 (7), 1-7, 2017
Binding of nucleic acid components to the serpentinite-hosted hydrothermal mineral brucite
T Fornaro, JR Brucato, C Feuillie, DA Sverjensky, RM Hazen, R Brunetto, ...
Astrobiology 18 (8), 989-1007, 2018
Solid State Photochemistry of Hydroxylated Naphthalenes on Minerals: Probing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Transformation Pathways under Astrochemically-Relevant Conditions
S Potenti, P Manini, T Fornaro, G Poggiali, O Crescenzi, A Napolitano, ...
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (10), 977-1000, 2018
Development of extraction protocols for life detection biosensor-based instruments
T Fornaro, JR Brucato, A Pucci, S Branciamore
Planetary and Space Science 86, 75-79, 2013
Computer simulations of prebiotic systems
T Fornaro, I Carnimeo
Reference module in chemistry, molecular sciences and chemical engineering …, 2014
Role of Mineral Surfaces in Prebiotic Processes and Space-Like Conditions
JR Brucato, T Fornaro
Biosignatures for Astrobiology, 183-204, 2019
UV Irradiation and Near Infrared Characterization of Laboratory Mars Soil Analog Samples: the case of Phthalic Acid, Adenosine 5’-Monophosphate, L-Glutamic Acid and L …
T Fornaro, J Brucato, G Poggiali, MA Corazzi, M Biczysko, M Jaber, ...
Preprints, 2020
Ultraviolet photoprocessing of glycine adsorbed on various space-relevant minerals
G Poggiali, T Fornaro, S Potenti, MA Corazzi, JR Brucato
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 7, 18, 2020
Role of Mineral Surfaces in Prebiotic Processes and Space-Like Conditions
JB Brucato, T Fornaro
Biosignatures for Astrobiology, 2018
Infrared spectral investigations of UV irradiated nucleobases adsorbed on mineral surfaces
JR Brucato, E Pace, A Pucci, S Branciamore, M Cestelli Guidi, T Fornaro
European Planetary Science Congress 9, EPSC2014-185, 2014
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