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Matthew D. Lebar
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MurJ is the flippase of lipid-linked precursors for peptidoglycan biogenesis
LT Sham, EK Butler, MD Lebar, D Kahne, TG Bernhardt, N Ruiz
Science 345 (6193), 220-222, 2014
Cold-water marine natural products
MD Lebar, JL Heimbegner, BJ Baker
Natural product reports 24 (4), 774-797, 2007
D-amino acids indirectly inhibit biofilm formation in Bacillus subtilis by interfering with protein synthesis
SA Leiman, JM May, MD Lebar, D Kahne, R Kolter, R Losick
Journal of bacteriology 195 (23), 5391-5395, 2013
Reconstitution of peptidoglycan cross-linking leads to improved fluorescent probes of cell wall synthesis
MD Lebar, JM May, AJ Meeske, SA Leiman, TJ Lupoli, H Tsukamoto, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (31), 10874-10877, 2014
Detection of lipid-linked peptidoglycan precursors by exploiting an unexpected transpeptidase reaction
Y Qiao, MD Lebar, K Schirner, K Schaefer, H Tsukamoto, D Kahne, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (42), 14678-14681, 2014
Laboratory Studies on the Formation of Three C2H4O Isomers—Acetaldehyde (CH3CHO), Ethylene Oxide (c-C2H4O), and Vinyl Alcohol (CH2CHOH)—in Interstellar and Cometary Ices
CJ Bennett, Y Osamura, MD Lebar, RI Kaiser
The Astrophysical Journal 634 (1), 698, 2005
Lipoprotein Activators Stimulate Escherichia coli Penicillin-Binding Proteins by Different Mechanisms
TJ Lupoli, MD Lebar, M Markovski, T Bernhardt, D Kahne, S Walker
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (1), 52-55, 2014
The Diarylheptanoid (+)-aR,11S-Myricanol and Two Flavones from Bayberry (Myrica cerifera) Destabilize the Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau
JR Jones, MD Lebar, UK Jinwal, JF Abisambra, J Koren III, L Blair, ...
Journal of natural products 74 (1), 38-44, 2011
Forming cross-linked peptidoglycan from synthetic gram-negative Lipid II
MD Lebar, TJ Lupoli, H Tsukamoto, JM May, S Walker, D Kahne
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (12), 4632-4635, 2013
Screening mangrove endophytic fungi for antimalarial natural products
L Calcul, C Waterman, WS Ma, MD Lebar, C Harter, T Mutka, L Morton, ...
Marine drugs 11 (12), 5036-5050, 2013
On the stereochemistry of palmerolide A
MD Lebar, BJ Baker
Tetrahedron Letters 48 (45), 8009-8010, 2007
Synthesis and structure reassessment of Psammopemmin A
MD Lebar, BJ Baker
Australian journal of chemistry 63 (6), 862-866, 2010
The Aspergillus flavus homeobox gene, hbx1, is required for development and aflatoxin production
JW Cary, P Harris-Coward, L Scharfenstein, BM Mack, PK Chang, Q Wei, ...
Toxins 9 (10), 315, 2017
CNS and antimalarial activity of synthetic meridianin and psammopemmin analogs
MD Lebar, KN Hahn, T Mutka, P Maignan, JB McClintock, CD Amsler, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 19 (19), 5756-5762, 2011
Synthesis of the C3–14 fragment of palmerolide A using a chiral pool based strategy
MD Lebar, BJ Baker
Tetrahedron 66 (8), 1557-1562, 2010
Carbon dioxide mediates the response to temperature and water activity levels in Aspergillus flavus during infection of maize kernels
MK Gilbert, A Medina, BM Mack, MD Lebar, A Rodríguez, D Bhatnagar, ...
Toxins 10 (1), 5, 2018
A fluorescent probe distinguishes between inhibition of early and late steps of lipopolysaccharide biogenesis in whole cells
E Moison, R Xie, G Zhang, MD Lebar, TC Meredith, D Kahne
ACS chemical biology 12 (4), 928-932, 2017
The Aspergillus flavus Spermidine synthase (spds) gene, is required for normal development, aflatoxin production, and pathogenesis during infection of maize kernels
R Majumdar, M Lebar, B Mack, R Minocha, S Minocha, C Carter-Wientjes, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 317, 2018
Whole genome comparison of Aspergillus flavus L-morphotype strain NRRL 3357 (type) and S-morphotype strain AF70
MK Gilbert, BM Mack, GG Moore, DL Downey, MD Lebar, V Joardar, ...
PLoS One 13 (7), e0199169, 2018
RNA interference-based silencing of the alpha-amylase (amy1) gene in Aspergillus flavus decreases fungal growth and aflatoxin production in maize kernels
MK Gilbert, R Majumdar, K Rajasekaran, ZY Chen, Q Wei, CM Sickler, ...
Planta 247 (6), 1465-1473, 2018
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