Bruce Shockey
Bruce Shockey
Associate Professor of Biology, Manhattan College
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Revising the recent evolutionary history of equids using ancient DNA
L Orlando, JL Metcalf, MT Alberdi, M Telles-Antunes, D Bonjean, M Otte, ...
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BJ MacFadden, BJ Shockey
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BJ Shockey
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Analysis of function in the absence of extant functional homologues: a case study using mesotheriid notoungulates (Mammalia)
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Postcranial osteology of mammals from Salla, Bolivia (late Oligocene): form, function, and phylogenetic implications
BJ Shockey, F Anaya
Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology, 135-157, 2008
Grazing in a new late Oligocene mylodontid sloth and a mylodontid radiation as a component of the Eocene-Oligocene faunal turnover and the early spread of grasslands/savannas …
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New Pleistocene cave faunas of the Andes of Central Perú
BJ Shockey
Palaeontologia Electronica 12 (3), 1-15, 2009
Pyrotherium macfaddeni, sp. nov. (late Oligocene, Bolivia) and the pedal morphology of pyrotheres
BJ Shockey, FA Daza
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Specialized knee joints in some extinct, endemic, South American herbivores
BJ Shockey
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 46 (2), 2001
Discovery of Deseadan fossils in the upper Moquegua Formation (late Oligocene—? early Miocene) of southern Peru
BJ Shockey, R Salas, R Quispe, A Flores, EJ Sargis, J Acosta, A Pino, ...
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BJ Shockey
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Toxodontia of Salla, Bolivia (late Oligocene): taxonomy, systematics, and functional morphology.
BJ Shockey
A 6,000 year-old specimen of a spectacled bear from an Andean cave in Peru
M Stucchi, R Salas-Gismondi, P Baby, JL Guyot, BJ Shockey
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BJ Shockey
Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History 45 (4), 249-260, 2005
A new species of Trachytherus (Notoungulata: Mesotheriidae) from the late Oligocene (Deseadan) of Southern Peru and the middle latitude diversification of early diverging …
BJ Shockey, G Billet, R Salas-Gismondi
Zootaxa 4111 (5), 565-583, 2016
Palaeothentid marsupials of the Salla Beds of Bolivia (late Oligocene): two new species and insights into the post-Eocene radiation of palaeothentoids
AD Rincón, BJ Shockey, F Anaya, A Solórzano
Journal of Mammalian Evolution 22 (4), 455-471, 2015
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