Olivier Cayre
Olivier Cayre
School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds
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Induced-charge electrophoresis of metallodielectric particles
S Gangwal, OJ Cayre, MZ Bazant, OD Velev
Physical review letters 100 (5), 058302, 2008
Fabrication of “hairy” colloidosomes with shells of polymeric microrods
PF Noble, OJ Cayre, RG Alargova, OD Velev, VN Paunov
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VN Paunov, OJ Cayre
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OJ Cayre, N Chagneux, S Biggs
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AP Richez, HN Yow, S Biggs, OJ Cayre
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LN Arnaudov, OJ Cayre, MAC Stuart, SD Stoyanov, VN Paunov
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2), 328-331, 2010
Contact angles of colloid silica and gold particles at air− water and oil− water interfaces determined with the gel trapping technique
OJ Cayre, VN Paunov
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Responsive Core− Shell Latex Particles as Colloidosome Microcapsule Membranes
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Fabrication of microlens arrays by gel trapping of self-assembled particle monolayers at the decane–water interface
OJ Cayre, VN Paunov
Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (22), 3300-3302, 2004
pH-responsive colloidosomes and their use for controlling release
OJ Cayre, J Hitchcock, MS Manga, S Fincham, A Simoes, RA Williams, ...
Soft Matter 8 (17), 4717-4724, 2012
Incorporation of block copolymer micelles into multilayer films for use as nanodelivery systems
T Addison, OJ Cayre, S Biggs, SP Armes, D York
Langmuir 24 (23), 13328-13333, 2008
Hollow microspheres with binary porous membranes from solid-stabilised emulsion templates
OJ Cayre, S Biggs
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (18), 2724-2728, 2009
Polymeric microcapsules assembled from a cationic/zwitterionic pair of responsive block copolymer micelles
T Addison, OJ Cayre, S Biggs, SP Armes, D York
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Directed assembly of yeast cells into living yeastosomes by microbubble templating
ML Brandy, OJ Cayre, RF Fakhrullin, OD Velev, VN Paunov
Soft Matter 6 (15), 3494-3498, 2010
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