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Michael Thai
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An investigation of positive and negative contact as predictors of intergroup attitudes in the United States, Hong Kong, and Thailand
P Techakesari, FK Barlow, MJ Hornsey, B Sung, M Thai, JLY Chak
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 46 (3), 454-468, 2015
We're all in this together: The impact of Facebook groups on social connectedness and other outcomes in higher education
M Thai, N Sheeran, DJ Cummings
The Internet and Higher Education 40, 44-49, 2019
The wallpaper effect: The contact hypothesis fails for minority group members who live in areas with a high proportion of majority group members
FK Barlow, MJ Hornsey, M Thai, NK Sengupta, CG Sibley
PLoS One 8 (12), e82228, 2013
Perpetrator groups can enhance their moral self-image by accepting their own intergroup apologies
FK Barlow, M Thai, MJA Wohl, S White, MA Wright, MJ Hornsey
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Embodied remorse: Physical displays of remorse increase positive responses to public apologies, but have negligible effects on forgiveness.
MJ Hornsey, MJA Wohl, EA Harris, TG Okimoto, M Thai, M Wenzel
Journal of personality and social psychology 119 (2), 367, 2020
Sexual racism is associated with lower self-esteem and life satisfaction in men who have sex with men
M Thai
Archives of Sexual Behavior 49 (1), 347-353, 2020
Intimate intergroup contact across the lifespan.
M Marinucci, R Maunder, K Sanchez, M Thai, S McKeown, RN Turner, ...
Journal of Social Issues, 2021
It's only funny if we say it: Disparagement humor is better received if it originates from a member of the group being disparaged
M Thai, AM Borgella, MS Sanchez
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 85, 103838, 2019
Fifty shades flipped: Effects of reading erotica depicting a sexually dominant woman compared to a sexually dominant man
EA Harris, M Thai, FK Barlow
The Journal of Sex Research 54 (3), 386-397, 2017
Friends with moral credentials: Minority friendships reduce attributions of racism for majority group members who make conceivably racist statements
M Thai, MJ Hornsey, FK Barlow
Social Psychological and Personality Science 7 (3), 272-280, 2016
The “preference” paradox: Disclosing racial preferences in attraction is considered racist even by people who overtly claim it is not
M Thai, MJ Stainer, FK Barlow
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 83, 70-77, 2019
The role of entertainment in engagement with climate change
K Topp, M Thai, DH Hryciw
Environmental Education Research 25 (5), 691-700, 2019
The whitewashing effect: Using racial contact to signal trustworthiness and competence
ST La Macchia, WR Louis, MJ Hornsey, M Thai, FK Barlow
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 42 (1), 118-129, 2016
Bareback sexually explicit media consumption and men who have sex with men’s responses to sexual partners who prefer anal intercourse with or without condoms
M Thai, FK Barlow
Archives of Sexual Behavior 48 (4), 1191-1201, 2019
(Deviant) friends with benefits: The impact of group boundary permeability on minority group members’ responses to ethnic deviance
M Thai, FK Barlow, MJ Hornsey
Social Psychological and Personality Science 5 (3), 360-368, 2014
Deeply discrediting: A systematic review examining the conceptualizations and consequences of the stigma of working in aged care
AV Manchha, N Walker, KA Way, D Dawson, K Tann, M Thai
The Gerontologist 61 (4), e129-e146, 2021
Is the racial composition of your surroundings associated with your levels of social dominance orientation?
HRM Radke, MJ Hornsey, CG Sibley, M Thai, FK Barlow
PloS one 12 (10), e0186612, 2017
Interpersonal transgressions and psychological loss: Understanding moral repair as dyadic, reciprocal, and interactionist
L Woodyatt, M Wenzel, TG Okimoto, M Thai
Current opinion in psychology 44, 7-11, 2022
Discrepancies in East Asians’ perceived actual and ideal phenotypic facial features.
M Thai, AJ Lee, JR Axt, MJ Hornsey, FK Barlow
Asian American Journal of Psychology 11 (3), 117, 2020
Rejecting equality: Psychological differences between Australian sexual minority men voting “yes,” voting “no,” or abstaining from voting on the legalization of same-sex marriage.
M Thai, LYE Dellers
Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity 7 (2), 186, 2020
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