Tao Lei
Tao Lei
Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
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Significantly fast and robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm based on morphological reconstruction and membership filtering
T Lei, X Jia, Y Zhang, L He, H Meng, AK Nandi
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Superhydrophilic porous carbon foam as a self-desalting monolithic solar steam generation device with high energy efficiency
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Automatic fuzzy clustering framework for image segmentation
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Mapping landslide susceptibility at the Three Gorges Reservoir, China, using gradient boosting decision tree, random forest and information value models
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SAM: a unified self-adaptive multicompartmental spiking neuron model for learning with working memory
S Yang, T Gao, J Wang, B Deng, MR Azghadi, T Lei, B Linares-Barranco
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Survey of image edge detection
R Sun, T Lei, Q Chen, Z Wang, X Du, W Zhao, AK Nandi
Frontiers in Signal Processing 2, 826967, 2022
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