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Richard Allen
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Is the Binding of Visual Features in Working Memory Resource-Demanding?
RJ Allen, AD Baddeley, GJ Hitch
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 135 (2), 298-313, 2006
Binding in visual working memory: The role of the episodic buffer
AD Baddeley, RJ Allen, GJ Hitch
Neuropsychologia 49 (6), 1393-1400, 2011
Working memory and binding in sentence recall
AD Baddeley, GJ Hitch, RJ Allen
Journal of Memory and Language 61 (3), 438-456, 2009
Is the hippocampus necessary for visual and verbal binding in working memory?
A Baddeley, R Allen, F Vargha-Khadem
Neuropsychologia 48 (4), 1089-1095, 2010
Cross-modal binding and working memory
RJ Allen, GJ Hitch, AD Baddeley
Visual Cognition 17 (1-2), 83-102, 2009
Speech and language processing mechanisms in verbal serial recall
R Allen, C Hulme
Journal of Memory and Language 55, 64-88, 2006
Feature binding and attention in working memory: A resolution of previous contradictory findings
RJ Allen, GJ Hitch, J Mate, AD Baddeley
Psychology Press, 2012
Investigating the episodic buffer
A Baddeley, RJ Allen, G Hitch
Psychologica Belgica 50 (3), 223-243, 2010
Binding across space and time in visual working memory
PJ Karlsen, RJ Allen, AD Baddeley, GJ Hitch
Memory & Cognition 38 (3), 292-303, 2010
Evidence for Two Attentional Components in Visual Working Memory.
RJ Allen, AD Baddeley, GJ Hitch
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, 2014
Are forward and backward recall the same? A dual-task study of digit recall
HL St Clair-Thompson, RJ Allen
Memory & cognition 41 (4), 519-532, 2013
Disruption of visual feature binding in working memory
T Ueno, RJ Allen, AD Baddeley, GJ Hitch, S Saito
Memory & cognition 39, 12-23, 2011
The limitations of orthographic analogy in early reading development: Performance on the clue-word task depends on phonological priming and elementary decoding skill, not the …
K Nation, C Allen, R, Hulme
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 80, 75-94, 2001
What goes through the gate? Exploring interference with visual feature binding.
T Ueno, J Mate, RJ Allen, GJ Hitch, AD Baddeley
Neuropsychologia 49, 1597-1604, 2011
Executive and perceptual attention play different roles in visual working memory: Evidence from suffix and strategy effects
Y Hu, G Hitch, A Baddeley, M Zhang, R Allen
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 2014
Memory for actions in autism spectrum disorder
DZ Wojcik, RJ Allen, C Brown, C Souchay
Memory 19 (6), 549-558, 2011
Benefit of enactment over oral repetition of verbal instruction does not require additional working memory during encoding
T Yang, SE Gathercole, RJ Allen
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 21 (1), 186-192, 2014
Item-location binding in working memory: Is it hippocampus-dependent?
RJ Allen, F Vargha-Khadem, AD Baddeley
Neuropsychologia 59, 74-84, 2014
Visuospatial bootstrapping: Long-term memory representations are necessary for implicit binding of verbal and visuospatial working memory
S Darling, RJ Allen, J Havelka, A Campbell, E Rattray
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 19 (2), 258-263, 2012
Working memory and sentence recall
RJ Allen, AD Baddeley
Interactions between short-term and long-term memory in the verbal domain, 75-97, 2008
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